does ATA not care about people quitting?

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  1. I’m just wondering about other people’s opinions. I’ve inquired about controversial topics via “help” and have always been met with either weak or no responses to my questions.
    Why ATA decided to isolate a platform which they targeted as a marketing system is beyond me. I am referring to PC players of course. That is a hot topic in my opinion, and I have received no response to anyone’s liking as to clear the air on that matter, nor could I find a reference in the forums.
  2. They seems to be satisfied with what they have and wants to chash out their profit without spending on proper improvements.

    Loyalty is a two way route.. if they don't want handle kawmmuinty issues.. kawmmuinty won't handle their bills either
  3. It's not typical for apps on mobile to have website versions.

    It even having existed is something to be praised.

    Now they decide to follow the crowd and it's a bad thing?

    I mean, why play KaW on pc when you could play soooo many other better things?

    KaW for smartphones is probably a better market anyway as I'm sure just about everyone has a smartphone/tablet nowadays as opposed to a desktop pc/laptop.

    I mean I don't have numbers but I mean it seems more likely than not.

    Edit:Also this topic has been brought to light before.
  4. The only reason I liked playing on the pc was because hitting players and eb’s was so much easier via clicking compared to tap tap tapping on the phone.
  5. Also , adobe is dropping flash support and fewer and fewer browsers are supporting java natively. Therefore a complete rewrite of a pc variant would be required. The cost of pc development vs mobile is not viable for maintained profitability for an app like this. The percentage of pc based logins would have to be substantial and having to maintain multiple versions for browsers of different builds is worse today than it has ever been. A clean break is the best option imo. I don't know devs reasoning but from a cost standpoint it makes a lot of sense.
  6. You can still play kaw on PC. Only the event rewards are not available as it is accessed through Legends.

    It's been brought up many times in forums and answered the same.
    You can download an emulator for your pc to play KAW. This will give you an Android interface to play from and collect event rewards.
    The only drawback I have found is that if you are pc only and not linked to a device, you cannot open Fate's Boon Chests for plunder % spell.

    I have tried NoxPlayer5, and it is stable from my time using it.
  7. A pc client would work well with the fall of flash.
  8. Nothing wrong with PC play.
  9. I want you to copy and paste the code for this pic and feature it in your op.

    Thank you.


  10. This brings gravity to the shizzles.
  11. OP you didn't look very hard ...this answer is on three different active topics right now with the same answer given by Karma

    Do not listen to the other obtuse players in this thread trying to act like they know something others don't, they all know what I quoted Karma for is the real answer Adobe is ending flash suptis2 was the 1st to bring this to light in forums. Everyone is just trying to get credit but they are dullards ...there is no other reason ATA is ending support for PC

    Try searching little harder next time ...IN B4 LOCK
  12. Actually, adobe was the first to bring this to light, and everyone else is just spreading the message.
  13. I said ev1 else just wants to look like they know something

    IN B4 LOCK 
  14. We have programs that can emulate android. Load them up collect rewards close them down play in pc. It's simple really.
  15. I play games like this when I’m on the go and only have my phone. It’s fun and a great mobile game. When I’m able to sit in front of my pc I play one of the myriad of games I own actually designed for a PC that utilizes it to its full potential. Why anyone would sit in front of a computer to play a tap tap phone app is beyond me.

  16. So you don't have to buy multiple devices to play multiple accts. and not have to use 3rd party browser 
  17. ^What constitutes a 'third party browser'?

    Say why isn't chrome or firefox a first or second party browser?

    I mean your wording makes no sense.

    ATA do not have a web browser to begin with, therefore there would be no such thing as a third party browser when speaking of KaW.
  18. Bluestacks is a great android platform for PC if you’re looking for one to play KaW on
  19. Your worried about pc? Why not be worried about the lack of properly working updates? Or the fact that we still can’t upgrade last events items? (Been well over a week already devs) or the fact that transmuting old EQ is no longer available? (2 or is it 3 events ago now?) or the fact that devs have essentially stopped responding to players, after claiming that KoHF and KAW have different support teams? There are much bigger questions at play here besides PC which devs told players they were no longer updating back in like, what was it June? PC support is such old news your clearly not a regular player OP. The bigger concern is that devs are scaring off the mid range spenders who don’t want to chase the LB but enjoy popping some xtals now and again. Or dropping a seal from time to time? The whales will be here till they shut down the servers, as that’s what whales do. But your casual spenders are dwindling due to the for-mentioned items I’ve listed. That’s what is hurting the community. You guys notice how HTE clan ads are becoming less common? Cuz there are fewer casual spenders filling the gaps for the whales thus dropping the size of top tier premium clans. I used to spend 60-80 bucks a week on kaw and now I’m down to casual unloads. Why should I drop seals or circles to make sure I hit 40k? It’s not like I can upgrade my EQ. Or transmute it in to charms. So why do I need it? Even the Zaft v. Apoc war is over. So even our pvp community is finding other things to do. But hey it’s none of my business. I’ve only dumped 10s of thousands of dollars in to kaw over 7 years. I’d love to have faith in kaw again. And it wouldn’t really take much for me to jump back on the spenders bandwagon. But if I can do simple tasks in game that should be a standard then what am I spending for? And it sucks because I’ve spent much more time than I should in this game. It feels like when your best friend moves away and you guys still talk when you get the chance but really you drift apart cuz your leading separate lives. I’m still here playing kaw and devs moved away and respond to my texts with “sorry busy with work call you later” but then they don’t call cuz they forget you even hit them up in the first place.

    Further more, devs can forget about me spending a dime on KoHF. If you can’t keep your flagship game in check then what can I expect a year from now on KoHF? Will this not be an issue there? What’s my insurance? Will KoHF just be another SMASH? Or that driving game they made?

    And the biggest slap in the face is today’s scheduled server maintenance. To do what? Store maintenance? So you guys ARE still there. Why not shut down the game for 3 hours and fix all the little issues that were never issues before but seem to be just too much hassle for you now.....
  20. THIS

    Pretty much all of it.

    I'm also a casual spender, and when I'm really into it I've spent. Not ever enough to be a whale of a LB. But enough to help myself fund build / strips / etc. I still spend a little but I'm definitely more of a casual player now.

    Likewise I could care less about the ridding of PC players. It's not all of their faults but we all know that's where most of the cheating has come from within the game. From bots ruining the thrill of OSW to autoclickers and "trackers" being "good" at EE to massively shared accounts. The far majority of those roots are in PC. So while cutting out PC as a whole sucks I say make the commitment and make this a purely tap tap phone game as it should've always been.