Does ATA make artwork for KaW anymore?

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  1. Nope. Notice all the amazing looking furniture sets and Legend's characters we see?
    None of them are done by ATA anymore. It's all outsourced to other game artwork studios. It's very disappointing, as I'm sure most of us thought the great artwork we've been seeing in furniture sets was made by ATA, because that showed us they still worked on the game..even if it was only artwork. Looks like that bubble has burst.

    Proof: Cri.

    More cri.

    Which makes sense, I always wondered how ATA was pushing out some amazing artwork but managing to ignore the game in every other aspect. Especially when a Dev posted on the forums about how the KaW team is only 2 members strong.

    This event's furnishings look great, yes? ..not done by ATA again. Nothing wrong with outsourcing artwork, just sad because it show's they aren't focused on KaW how they used to be. The artwork comes from outside, the copy paste events take no effort..all in all, the game is in auto-run mode to milk as much as cash before the profits from KaW ends.

    It's been fun y'all. Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

    Thank you RocketBrush.
  2. Ata should let em take over the rest of the game too
  3. When KaW was a child it learnt to walk and when it could it painted with its it's grown into Picasso!

    I love all the new stuff and can't wait till it's 3D holographic game on!!

    (never be a nay sayer)
  4. That's the point though, yes? ATA isn't making most of the new artwork we've been seeing for the last year and more.
    They've outsourced it..which means they use their in house art resources for other Heckfire.
    So we have, auto-run events, anything related to kaw artwork coming from outside.

    Bugs from last year have not been fixed, wars don't account for charms still, let alone a war system update. Gifting has been in "the works" for almost 10 months now. I'm not going to go into the detail here, but you know how bad it is. I wasn't fully convinced that ATA had given up on us, even when a Dev posted that they had only 2 EMPLOYEES in the KaW team, but finding out they have outsourced their artwork is the proverbial straw that broke the camels back for me.

    How do I put it, when a company outsources something for a project, it means its because it's not a priority. They keep in house resources for their main project..Heckfire.

    Ironically, I did wonder how ATA suddenly started making great artwork. Which was way better from their previous art styles..guess we know now why. :lol:
  5. B-But how d-did the devs know dark skin elves with white hair was my weakness??

    Also the devs have been commissioning artists for years now. Nothing wrong with that. Also a few years back they commissioned my friend to redo the kaw girl :3
  6. storm gonna sue somebody

  7. I’m freaking dead.



  8. This just proves a point,that ata actually do care. Otherwise why pay someone to do stuff for a game the dev's supposedly don't care about.
  9. Art work looks pretty nice though
  10. This was exposed a while ago. They also use photos of celebrities/models/famous characters to make their avatars for PiMD. I doubt any new artwork used by the company is original.
  11. No lazy they are
  12. This has been known for awhile though...
  13. Rocket brush also works on party in my dorm. Lots of studios outsource these days including AAA studios. Doesn't matter where the assets come from so long as they maintain the company vision. All is governed by budget.
  14. ATA does actually still make artwork for our games, including KaW.
  15. Some things have to be done out of house to lighten work load so other aspects can be worked on or improved. Does it matter that a simpler part is outsourced allowing winston to keep focus on improvements, fixing bugs, and keeping game alive? In my opinion it is smart.
  16. There’s Mr. Winston. Awake at 3AM again