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  1. Hi
    I Heard that osw is old school war but I am not that much sure can anyone say me what is osw pls
  2. Off system.
  3. Means what you have to do I by hat
  4. only sage works?

    oblong shield wall?

    obey sexy women? <---i think its this one.
  5. Obese Slutty Women
  6. Use question thread please. It's there for a reason.
  7. It's PvP through clan lists and stripping. No time limit. A side wins when the opposition gives up or both parties come to a mutual agreement to cease fire.
  8. It's a war where two or more parties (clans) get mad at each other, and farm and strip each other. They do this until they come up to cf terms.

    Cf terms usually consist of

    Either clan surrendering

    Or both clans (or multiple clans) agreeing to stop all hits.

    Hope that answers your question
  9. Nice to see an interest in OSW,if only the acrynom lol
  10. Off System war, some people say Old School War.
  11. I say Obese Smelly Women...
  12. @fonzy
    Great explanation short but pretty precise so there's your answer op. but I like my acronym for osw better: Oreos Saving Walruses
  13. When you sleep, hire allies, n steal all the gold away! Yay!
  14. It means legit kaw war no eb faries :)
  15. :/ always thought it was oblong shaped weiner… Fail
  16. I'm an EB fairy, and I OSW... in fact, I think I'm in an "EB Fairies Only" clan now.
  17. 67% of all people in osw's are eb fairies who want people to stop calling them eb fairies.
  18. meh w/e eb farie too lately and war, 80% of the **** I say on forums is bull.
  19. Amen KZ.

    OSW: no rules, strips, pot burns, some whining/crying, trash-talking, moles, unlimited timeframe, many hours of negotiations/talks...

    What it's NOT: Estoc Edge wars, system wars, epic battles - anything with rules, a timeframe, item / pot / equipment drops, etc. (obviously but you never know what some think)