Does anyone care about osw any more?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Noobicus_Maximus, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Events don't help. 6t for hitting ebs for two weeks is hard to resist and not many players are willing to fall down cr hitting other kingdoms
  2. ...because you have no honor
  3. ...because u have no pride
  4. The only time you(veritas) ever hits is during a strip lmao no one ever recieves any type of inc from your eb clan otherwise
  5. Osw, the war where both sides hit inactives and then complain that the other side isn't hitting with the odd strip every few days then back to inactives

  6. How dare u call someone out like that todd when all u do is call people out and never back it up just trying to act big for forum readers .

    You sir "HAVE NO PRIDE "
  7. To be honest this game lost all its fun it was so fun to osw and farm people and to be farmed and plannd strips now no one does it anymore the devs took the fun out the reason why i dont really play this game anymore
  8. Parsfan you have no pride, education, job, girlfriend, personnel hygiene, money or grip on reality. Shut up, stop drinking, & get out of your mothers basement and go find some work. 
  9. Being too small for 95% of our roster is not the same as us not hitting. It's cute that you think that though
  11. Nope, the devs ruined osw
  12. I'm a newbie and I don't even know what osw means. Also, the points made early on about events paying out too much in rewards are true. My old lost account from two or so years ago, only has around 500k Cs with around 3 months of play. I have reached 14 mil Cs in 3 weeks. Too much money given by developers.
  13. OSW is something that was killed by two things.

    Events and the players.

    We all get why about the events, but the players? I think players and pride ruined OSW. 2-3 year on going OSWs are just boring. It's the same old thing, both sides start going inactive, so they recruit using event rotations as bait, and then try and teach them traditional OSW. The thing is, most new players aren't interested in OSW anyway and don't understand dedication.

    It's so difficult to build OSW clans using eb fairies and people who don't care at all about it. Sure it all started with events, but now it's just the general player base lost interest in OSW. Now, the question is... Can we bring in a new era of OSW? As times change players and OSW have to also.
  14. Onsey crawls all over any thread that has anything to do with off system like he's some kind of authority on the matter.

    No matter which, or what way that noob tries to put a spin on it. He's just a epic battle fairy who's biggest claim to fame is being ripped off at the kaw store and making top plunder on the epics more often than not.

    In onsey's own words. " that's cute "
  15. The majority of your roster can hit him, they just don't. Basically the entirety of your roster can hit me, but they don't other than 1 attack bar from you a week which you then spend hours hiding in pin after it. That bar is an improvement from you just stalking me on forums and wc waiting for me like the last year nearly. Keep up the improvements, maybe next year I'll be getting 2 bars a week from you.
  16. Aww you two are cute, keep up the fangirling it's nice to know I bother you both so much
  17. yesterday -> hubris
    today -> avarice
  18. That's rich. You went to the trouble of emailing the developers, crying that I harassed you for pointing out you replaced your balding hair with pubes....

    So I guess I could say. Keep up the fangirling. It's nice to know I bother you so much. 
  19. You are the one who stalked me on kaw for a year, you are the one who leaves line rooms as soon as I join just to avoid me, you are the one who was scared to hit me for nearly a year.

    I don't think it's you that bothers me, I think it's me that not just bothers you, but also terrifies you.
  20. Believe what you want me scared of you? That's rich, skinny I didn't email them. I just reported you for insinuating I have anxiety issues but ok