Does anyone care about osw any more?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Noobicus_Maximus, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. This. Except clans used to cost 3 billion. Idk about the 20 m cs tho
  2. A better question is "does ATA care about Osw anymore?".
  3. Lol at the reset bombs, they were a method that sucky losers could still cost the enemy something  also as far as osw goes. I still enjoy it, here at veritas we always have strips going. I think as of last week we had ig down to 16t between all accounts combined. Don't say osw can't be damaging, because it can. You clearly aren't doing it right

  4. Soo... It took your entire alliance +Kotfe, an entire week and hundreds, maybe thousands of real dollars in xtals to take what chaos makes off one zta.... Definitely damaging ?
  5. That's ma'am to you, and yes I do have all of my original parts. 
  6. Pretty sure chaos is inactive, and it doesn't cost xtals to regen for free, typical ig math
  7. Yeah. This game is literally just a medieval Farmville now, you're right lol.
  8. Onesy is right I hate to say. He has a permanent banner that says osw, all the while he's in the top 3 plunder in the epic battles.

    As onsey says.

    "clearly not doing it right"

  9. Well that is what his build is for, making strip funds and hitting strips. You should know that by now.

  10. So anything other than actual pvp?
  11. I understand youre new to this whole concept of pvp, but ill let you in on a little secret bud. Using your spies to assassinate and steal your enemies, is considered "pvp".

    Boom mind blown, your welcome.
  12. I can basically unload troops on an eb once and make top plunder in most clans  get a new argument
  13. Oh that's a bit odd onesy. At veritas you have 100- 130 or more actions per epic. That doesn't seem like one unload.
  14. =) nobody cares
  15. Pretty sure our Ebs last over an hour
  16. It's just that you said you only unload on the epic once in your previous post. So I thought once meant once. Instead once means once every hour, so basically twice, three times, four times.

    I guess that's how you pvp these days in kaw
  17. I think the reality of off system fighting is a completely different game for alliances vs alliances, and player vs player.

    Times have changed. In the beginning every body just slugged it out in the news feed. Clans stripped and that was that.

    It's a relatively newer concept to have kingdoms like onsey and others that have a specific job to mine gold for big strips during the fight itself.

    As I said earlier. Old school fighting meant the clans doors locked and the epics stopped until the fight was done.
  18. Have you ever warred as a hansel?  I dump troops on eb and spies on strips, nice try though
  19. I can tell by your plunder at the end of the epics. You sure do make a lot from just using those troops.

    Nice try though
  20. I'm a bc hansel with ee 5  do you have any idea how much I make per unload