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  1. Doctor

    I've always been interested in the human anatomy and how body parts expand. No, this is not a dirty thread.

    Basically I decide to get into the field and study up as hard as I can and well, I somehow get into medical school.

    In a class and one of the lecturers begins an open discussion. He's talking about anatomy. So I begin to get involved in the discussion. People in the class are uninterested but I double down.

    I ask about how different body parts develop and learn that the ears and nose never stop growing.

    But I've been wondering, how do you make your knee grow?
  2. tuna fish
  3. I eat a spoon of sodium bicarbonate everyday with honey

    Doctors have been weaponized by the drug companies they don't know what they're doing, besides peddling poison that does more harm than good (to the knees)

    They can't even get rid of a simple fungal infection without radiation and cutting (or worse)

    Research the Candida Albicans as it is the basis for neoplastic formations, a solution of about 8% in direct contact with the tissue for best results

    (that is not medical advice)

    Before you know what hit you, your knee will be alive another 5 years and you didn't hear that from me.

    (my incoherent ramblings make no sense)

    You're sure to fail medical school but you'll have a happy knee

    (one larger than the other)
  4. So much of this is false, incorrect, wrong and all the other synonyms for "what the damn hell are you on about"

    And as your kaw cleaner I'll be giving this the treatment it deserves

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.