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  1. *A lot of reading, a good bit of work to do.

    *No colors, a lot of reading.

    Hello again forums.

    I am here to inform you that we will be playing World Leaders 3.0: Harbingers of The omens in a few days. For those of you who remember that game, good! Play again. If you have no clue what I'm talking about; World leaders 1.0 was a game set in a "Peaceful" time in human history. You'd start with no military, a small economy and a new government of your choice. You got to rule, attack others, as you saw fit. That is what we will be playing in a few days.

    Now, this game requires a very high imagination, time and the willpower to outfox others. I'm talking serious effort. Checking this thread at least twice a day and responding.

    Last World Leaders, (WL 2.0) featured improved mechanics and smoother game play. This world leader features not a world, but a universe that you can rule. You can assume the role of leading a nation, or work your way up. You don't even need to rule via the government. Run a criminal organization, be a bounty hunter, a terrorist. Screw over other people's governments.

    Before I go any further, this game will be based heavily on:
    Chapter 1 can be found here.


    It is up to you whether or not you want to read.

    Interested so far? Good. Let me go ahead and tell you the real purpose of this thread: To gain more information. To see how people can react to a climate of my creation. For several months, I have been working with a team of select confidants to develop the universe, and we'd love to have others dive head first in.

    Another note: This game features fantasy and sci-fi elements.

    So, first things first. I need to know which country you'd want to play as first. More than one person can play the same nation. *There are many sub divisions.

    Playable states

    Mer kingdoms - Is the name given to the races/states of; The Beasts, Elfs and Orcs.

    The Kingdom of Truffologus - The term beast was first used by humans and Novans to refer to an animal that isn’t gentle or attractive. It has stuck to the Suscrofa like white on rice and are typically categorized as having crude, savage, or horrible ways. The Beast are one of the few races in the universe that hadn't received its start via the Wanderers. They started off as dumb savage beasts with a few of them being smarter than the rest. Soon enough, they realized they could take advantage of the majority of the population by feeding them misinformation and preaching a false god. (State religion.) The wanderers arrived years later and tried to correct the ways of the political elite but they were chased off. *Beasts.

    Elves- The elves are by far the oldest living species in this galaxy, some even say they're as old as the Wanderers, because they didn't learn space flight from them, they learned it on their own. As such, the Elves can be considered the oldest and longstanding empire ever. They began colonizing worlds hundreds of years before the Tri-Bound race found each other on Pleonese.

    The reason why they've never explained outside their territorial borders is because some of the surrounding planets are "unworthy of housing the elven race." Pointing at the beasts, orcs/ogres/Insectopedia. Although, they look at human territory with ambition in their eyes

    The joint tribes of Ogres/orcs - The Orcs and Ogres aren't the brightest of races, but what they lack in brain cells, they gain in strength. This, added onto their warrior code makes them a formidable foe to face in battle.

    On the planet O', the two tribes lived separate of each other for decades, acknowledging one another, but that's was it. It took Novan colonization to unite the two tribes under a dual banner. Still, many were weary. These are two heavy hitting hard headed races. No one expected the alliance to last long. But it did. They kicked out their Novan "oppressors" and awaited their reinforcements, fists clenched. In the end, the tribes were put down, but they caused so much trouble and dragged their feet so much, the Novans abandoned the sector completely. Their leaving brought a sense of national pride and cemented the relationship.

    Soccee - In their beginning, they roamed from place to place, continent to continent with only the wind and sun to guide them for about three hundred years until the Wanderers paid them a visit. After lengthy talks about their position in this galaxy and how they could expand out, TW bestowed upon them the science of space flight and a list of materials that was on planet to build a ship. Even though they were now considered a major race, their nomadic tendencies followed them as the freshly set up Nomadic trade union, the governing body, sent many ships far and wide, making contact with nearly every major races and states in little more than fifty years. Soon after, they began to experiment with faster ways to reach the important places in the galaxy and thus trade routes were born. Since the Soccee are dead "center" in the galaxy and control all major trade routes, all other powers know that any attack on their nation would lead to trade routes shutting down. And they know that angering them would be foolish, even the Mazah Khan.

    The buffer zone - The treaty zone created by the Novans in the aftermath of the Shardic-Novan war. It has hundreds of unaligned planets.

    Pleonesian -The name given to the three races that formally resided on the planet of pleonese.

    The Shardic Kingdom - The Shardic race started little more than a tribe of a hundred on their home planet of Pleonese. They lived in seclusion for a few years before the Novans and Tacomans found them on the Western Hemisphere separately. The three began to co-exist for a hundred year period until the Wanderers visited the planet. They gave the three races each plans for Arks, large ships that can move large amounts of people at once, and a map of where to go. The three soon found themselves increasingly at odds with each other to the point of war. The Shardians took the high ground and left first.

    The Shards initially read the map wrong and ended up at Kreieck. They were going to stay but found the planet too harsh for the technological at the time. They moved to the next closet planet, Bryun, which would soon serve as the capitol of their empire, and got to work, using the parts from the ship to being building settlements.

    The Novan Federation is a loosely-tightly aligned collection of fractured states that must follow ancient laws or be killed. Ran by twelve families.

    The Tacoman Nomadic tribes - Tacomans are very talented in the magical arts with every individual possessing a natural aptitude for it, an aptitude that proves better than the strongest of Novans or Shards. They listen to the ancient spirits of the land using their wisdom and strength to augment their own power. Overall, the Tacoma are a very nomadic people and have few cities. Though the council is trying to fix this. They break down into three more races.


    Volian empire is a pathetic shadow of its former self. It use to be the most powerful force in the galaxy, until they kicked over the hornets nest that is the Mazah.

    Dwarfs - The great engineers and crafters of the Galaxy. Though not great in number or height, the dwarves of the Galaxy are unchallenged in the quality of their work. Their military is very far from the largest, but every tank, battleship, and cruiser they have is a masterpiece. Will you fill the mining planets of the dwarves with riches, or will they crumble beneath the sheer numbers of their neighbouring nations?

    The Shadow collective - With a sole rule, the doges grew expodiensously. He ordered the colonization of all nearby planets that weren't occupied by any other race or nation. They eventually met the Insectopedia, Tacoma and ogres. In an effort to preserve his legacy, the first pharaoh had a valley carved out to his liking and had elaborate tombs set up to honor him and his successors.

    The Mazah Khanate - Currently the largest empire in the galaxy. Obviously, they are a military powerhouse. But how long will it remain varies, as its people and government is split between progressives and traditionalists. It will escalate to civil war if something isn't done soon. *Snake like people.

    Federation of Independent systems - The FiS is a collection of hundreds, if not thousands, of star systems looking for safety and security without needing to be tightly bound with others. It is a loosely affiliated state mainly in place for greater defense. *Various alien races.

    The Orion Collective - The ToC is the official name for the seven systems that are included in the swath of space named Orion. They are a prominent military power and actively plan for the day the "powered" races invade them. *Humans. *High technology level.

    Insectopedia - Insectopedia, as its name suggests, is a conglomerate of bugs living in “harmony” with one another. Having millions of years to evolve, these bugs have higher brain functions than your average earth bug. It’s not exactly on human level, but capable of rational thought, joy and happiness, fear and ambition. Since there are no other creatures that can keep on the bottom of the food chain, these bugs are rather large. *Bugs.

    Utterly confused? Just ask questions. I have heavily redacted and altered information

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    Stop meta-gaming bro. Rembrah?
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    What no Pirate Legion?????
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    There is a group of pirates who run a nice slice of territory. Named the Keel haul's.

    Let me pull up the map....
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    I would probably want to play in The Tacoman Nomadic tribes
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    The Keel Haul Pirates:

    History/Bio: This band of ruthless, but loosely organized, are known far and wide across the galaxy. With a craving for money as strong as the love in twilight, these pirates would dare to hit the trade lanes of the Mazah Empire. Many nations have taken up efforts to patrol their territories better, forcing the pirates to blend in or move out completely. Lately, they've taken an interest in the Novan territory for its weak anti-piracy laws. Their ships sit in the ghost zones, waiting for valuable shipments. And the militaries of the royal families can do nothing.

    Leader: There are many pirate cells that operate on their own, paying tribute to the head, Picket Lorn, who sails about in his flagship, the runway.

    Attire: Pirate armor consists of scrap metal bound to regular clothing and worn in segments, with arm, leg, and chest armor all being individual pieces. Captains and above all have powered armor, which is just a low tech version of army suits, and provides an extra two inches of steel protection.

    Locations: The KHP have many bases located throughout the galaxy, but, they are known to operate out of Beslod.

    They live in Beslod.
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    Can I have a minarchist noodle society? I'm actually serious, I'm curious how much I could affect the gameplay as a colony of sentient noodles.
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    Mazah Khanate.?
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    Idk what's going on anymore
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    We pirates, while priding ourselves on making due with whatever we find also have the swagger to take the test.

    We older pirates saw the writing on the vid screen and grok'd that our old ways were dying, our technology flagging and centuries without a true safe haven was taking a toll on population sustainability.

    Our free lifestyle, open to all willing to swear the fatal to break pirate bonding oath has always been our strength.

    Decades ago as part of the Pirate-a-palloza Galaxy of Rock concert series we began recruiting the brightest young social, scientific and technology minded citizens from every empire by plunging them into the free life of hedonism. Those that melded became pirates and thrived, those that didn't, well that's another story...

    These voluntary conscripts flourished in secret unmapped regions of space, each of thousands of ships supplying their research and needs, allowed them to develop revolutionary technologies, like new stealth subs allowing virtually undetectable movement through the known universe, a cell phone battery that never dies and their greatest achievement a navigation engine that allows for ships to operate and navigate witch space. Opening new avenues of plunder of all ships in mid star jump. Imagine your cargo there at the start and gone at the destination... The two noticeable drawbacks to living in between are aging being sped up by 25-50% and occasional encounters (not often violent, but always unsettling) with other sentiment beings who appear as formless clouds of a plasma. The red beings causing the most harm. The crews have termed these forces "The Reapers" in honor of Captain Reaper and his crew who dared the first mid jump excursions.

    Rumor has it this science was applied to a small planet placing the planet in permanent flux between here and there. Fortification and colonization has created a safe harbor. Safe Harbor being an oxymoron given its a pirate home...
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    Because I cannot see the maps AJ posted at all:

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    I would like to play as the shadow collective
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    add some lime, lightblue mediumpurple or yellow please