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  1. Hey forum, I've been seeing a lot around forums about the Ebola virus. Along with this, I've seen plenty of people poking fun at it. What I want to discuss is whether or not it's ok to even make jokes about it.

    First off, to anyone who still doesn't know, Ebola is a lethal disease that is spreading throughout western Africa and is present in the US, with only a few patients (3, last time I heard). It has killed somewhere around 1,000 (again, this is only what I've heard) and is still present in many others.

    So, is it alright to make jokes about it? Some might argue that joking about something that has brought grief to others is nothing to joke about. However, others could say that it's not serious, so it doesn't matter.
    What's everyone's opinion on this? And remember, this isn't a time to argue over the facts on Ebola, just people's opinion on the jokes being made.
  2. Meh, op, I once met a guy on the street, he took me to a back alley and raped me..afterwards we had a discussion about jokes on Ebola and he said people shouldn't take what is said on the internet seriously....true story
  3. Its like making jokes about cancer. It kills people. Like ******* grow up.
  4. Isn't there an Ebola discussion thread on Internet somewhere?

    Screw off
  5. I find people that make jokes about Ebola tend to be underage immature children. Or at least that is how they portray themselves in my eyes.
  6. How about not and say we did.
  7. i dont make them, but im not really against them either. The majority of people seem to make them though (even my teachers are making them :roll: )
  8. however, there is a limit that people dont seem to know or care about…
  9. Another ebola thread (yawn)
  10. Let the butthurt commence
  11. You must be stupid to make jokes about Ebola it causes many death how about you get Ebola and we make jokes about you
  12. It is very immature to make jokes about these things. with all the material a person could use they choose to pick a topic that is

    A)popular - obviously they have serious issues with attention and are in constant need to be in or around what is stats quo

    B) highly controversial - they want to get a reaction from people whether good or bad because once again they are highly attention needy

    C)deadly - if it does get to the point it rapidly spreads the hilarity of these people eating their own words will probably have them over come with grief and self-pity at their joke becoming their inevitable doom.

    I could keep going but sushi. mhm

  13. I am not even going to address whether ebola jokes are appropriate or not because at this point, it does not matter.

    Ebola has been in the news so much, that the mere mention of the word brings a feeling of "not this again." I do not want to hear or see any ebola jokes or references simply because the subject is so overused it is practically impossible to make it amusing.

    As support for my position, just look at the number of ebola threads in KaW alone made by people who mistakenly think they are topical or clever.
  14. Humans die, animals die, it's a part of life. Get over it.
  15. The only people who get offended at things like this are the trolls who get their rocks off on being offended in general. Being offended gives some people's life meaning. These trolls have malty lives, as a general rule, so they try to give meaning to their lives by thinking like they are morally superior to those around them. I know this because I've met numerous people like it in real life. As a general rule, they tend to be left wingers.
  16. I think its appropriate as a coping mechanism/"distancing" reaction
  17. Also,anything in the news too much becomes a joke simply due to the fervor with which the media goes after everything
  18. lol insecurity! morally superior is not something people should feel ashamed about. also you seem offended by someone with high morals. people absolutely get frustrated with me because I'm the kind of person who will sit there and take extra time to do something right and having a high degree of moral standard also is very off putting to people which shows their insecurity at maybe they are not the person they so desire to be. Politics is bull ****. But I fall in the independent party.