DISCUSSION: A Society Without Gender

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  1. :lol: no. I just meant on average. Plus you don't see very many men and women competing in professional sports together because it just wouldn't be fair. When's the last time you saw a woman standing 6'9", weighing 250 lbs of solid muscle?
  2. Not enough. I'd do that.
  3. I think that in some regards there should be no gender differences. For example, when it comes to toys for kids, the toys are not different because boys inherently like different toys than girls. They are given different toys because we perceive it as normal. While it may seem harmless, I think that a great divide is developed when boys grow up with Lego and more creative toys learning how to build, while girls grow up learning how to put clothes on a doll. Furthermore, the association of colours to gender is stupid and it would be good to get rid of that.

    I also think there should be no difference in gender when it comes to house work. Men should be expected to do the same as women.

    There should also be no difference in the workplace. There should be no shame in a wife who makes more money than the husband in a family.

    I'm against totally getting rid of gender. Women and men do have some differences regarding weight, heightand genitalia.
  4. With that blanket statement you are basically saying that because im 6'6 215lb that I am better than you at anything physcially competive.

    Of course men im general are larger and stronger than female but both have their advantage. I'd love to see that 6'9 250 guy hang on the track with Shelly Pyrce.

    Its sorta like kaw. All builds are better at somethings than others. Doesnt make any one build surperior to all.
  5. You're too liberal with your thinking. We are what we were born as and should be identified and live as such.
  6. So how you look is more important than how you think and feel?

    I have a new term for liberal, it's called 'open minded'
  7. Just another reinterpretation, or twisting of the meaning as we've known it, Rio. You can lead a horse to water...but at this point you're beating a dead horse on this topic with a very many of us. I'm sure you'll keep trying though. Kudos for that. 
  8. I want to be referred to as a robot [•w•]
  9. A recent finding by statisticians shows the average human has one breast and one round organ that apparently I cannot mention. .
  10. The year is 2083
    People identify as Dritos flavours
    I am coolranch
    And this is my story
  11. This reminded me of a commercial I saw on TV about violence against women. It goes through several different comments, which I'm sure we've all heard before. One of them shows a scenario of a dad saying to their son don't throw like a girl. And another is of a mum saying to their daughter, after she's been pushed over by a boy, not to worry because that means he likes her.

    They seem like small harmless comments but that's where it starts. Not every boy throws like a professional sports person and being mean doesn't mean a boy likes you. They're the sort of gender stereo types and conmon misconceptions we need to get rid of.
  12. This new transsexual bathroom discussion... why is no one talking about the safety of the trans woman? A ban would also make it easier for me to simply use a public woman washroom and say that I am trans. I'm not legally obliged to carry around a birth certificate and not required to show my genitals, and if there were no evidence of me being there it would difficult to create some sort of punishment (if there were a punishment at all for using the wrong bathroom? Lmao)
  13. Why can they not just create equal bathroom facilities.
    Men's generally metal seats rows of standing on display to God knows who next to you ( George Michael ?) and one cubicle.

    Ladies 2 plus cubicles privacy
    Better laid out.

    Children's read as ladies with baby change.
    Yeah as a dad wtf am I meant to do when my child had a dirty nappy. Oh yeah. Walk half way round town to get to one toilet that allowed it.

    Facilities need to accommodate everyone equally with safe individual cubicles. Problem solved. No sharing better safety and everyone can go to the darn toilet and change a babies nappy ( diaper for the USA )
    Give it a few more years and we may get better designed facilities.
  15. Oh bs.
    Lost your way. Bi Roman parties ( can't use their real name it's censored.)
    2000 years ago plus.
    Gay pigs cats dog and even famous racing horses.
    It's part of nature and has been for thousand of years. Just because you disagree you think you have the right to judge others, decide they are a lesser category person than you. A perversion.
    Just because you are too closed minded.
    They have their belief that doesn't physically affect you. And yet you try to force your beliefs on them.

    What are you going to call for next.
    These disgusting perverts should all be gathered up and dealt with.
    These abominations born either slightly different or vastly different with real medical needs, should what.
    By the hatred on this thread why don't you just lock them all up.
    Concentration camps. I'm sure that's been done before because a bigoted little man with a moustache didn't like one type of people.

    And then after you have got rid of them. Who's next. Who do you dispose of that you don't approve of next. Those who don't hate those people you hate? So you will what. Hate me next because I don't share your prejudices.
    Cmon who's next.
    God help you when you have kids and if one of them is gay bi or not. Because if they aren't what you want them to be you'll what. Correct your own child. Beat the gay out of them.
    Hate them and turn your back on your child.

    Frankly looking at the intolerance on this thread and the extreme hatred I fear for the future with a world where even the most normal basic function in life, having the right to liberty free from persecution is fought against by a bunch of wannabe be dictators with hate in their hearts.

    It's bloody pathetic that so many think they have the right to force people to believe that something that our society is supposed to accept is a vile act. Even though they will more than likely never be affected by it.

    So who is next on the list.
    Fat people. Condemn them.
    Blondes ? They are meant to be dumb. Can't allow stupid people to live.
    How about people with disabilities?
    They can't do everything you can and as such their must be something perverse and wrong with them too.
    Pick your group of people that once you have got rid of all the gays and bi's and whatever,
    The ones with legit medical conditions that you don't care to agree with. So come on. Who are your next ideal victims
    Which group would you torment and harass next.
    I mean for goodness sake. This lot just want to be loved.
    The next lot. Well hell they might give you green spots from looking at them. Fear them. Persecute them next before the spots appear.

    Grief that has gotten ridiculous. Literally with the posts of I hate liberals earlier.

    Congratulations you hate people that don't hate people, that you hate.
    I'm sorry the world is not quite as filled with hate and bigotry as you would like.
    I'm sorry that people like yourselves would rather waste so much time and energy arguing over someone that has next to zero influence in your life and just wants to live a happy though slightly different life.

    Bigotry. Such a lovely sentiment.
  16. You make it seem like people are attacked everyday due to men dressing up as females and attacking women. Murder is against the law, yet people still kill people. If a man is going to sexually attack someone, they aren't going to dress up as a woman to do so, and if they do, it's probably a .1% of attacks in America...
  17. Well said OC.
  18. On another note most of you probably throw like sissys.
  19. Feel better after your raging little tantrum?

    As a matter of fact, animals are known to engage in same-gender and interspecies sexual acts. Because they don't know any better. People on the other hand have the ability to use logic and reason (notice I said "have the ability"), and to reason what's natural and what's not, and maybe consider that that little voice called your conscience could (and should) prevent you from certain behaviors. We live in an "if it feels good do it" society. Forget conscience and common sense and above all, let's forget about accountability, because then we might have to face some truths about ourselves. And since accountability is out the window, nobody else is gonna tell us we're wrong. Right??!

    Justify in your head and between yourself a all you want. Sit around your pity party crying because not everyone sees the world as you do and not all of us are so tragically gone morally that we have to have a special group to tell us we're alright. And you say it's pathetic that so many people think they've got the right to force others to believe something?? While you sit on your pity pot trying to convince us all and berating us for disagreeing with you? Pffft!