Digitized: Kingdoms at War (Prologue)

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  1. The visor was pretty uncomfortable, but once the simulation kicked in, he couldn't feel a thing. The world as he knew it faded into black as a new one digitized into existence all around him.


    Once the world had rendered, a woman teleported in front of him in a flash of light. She looked strange, however. Her facial expressions seemed long and much more fluid than they should be. She shifted her body in an almost repetitive manner.

    Her body was covered in armor from head to toe. She removed her helmet to reveal long, blonde hair and a beautiful, yet menacing face. She looked down and him and scowled.

    “So you're the new recruit, eh? Well I'm your trainer, Arkosa.”

    Ah, she was the tutorial NPC. No wonder she looked familiar, she was on the cover of the game.

    “First things first, this is a Virtual Reality PvP MMO. You fight other players to gain your glory.”

    With that, a sword and shield appeared in his hands, and a chestplate digitized in around his torso. It didn't look too strong though.

    “Here's some items to get you started. Open your inventory and check them out.”

    Here’s where he had his first problem. He didn't know how to open his inventory. Just as he started to struggle, a menu appeared in front of him. There were a few options: Profile, Leaderboards, Inventory, Quests, Clan, Allies, Market and Home. All of them were grayed out except for inventory.

    As he tapped it, another menu appeared to the right of him. He saw 3 items. A basic long sword, a wooden shield, and an iron chestplate. As soon as he read their stats, he closed his menu.

    “You're going to need to learn to fight if you're going to make it out there. Find a stance that's comfortable for you and prepare to fight.”

    Immediately after she had finished speaking, she took her stance. Arkosa was using a two handed sword and held it level with her eyes facing right towards him.

    With obviously shaky hands, he did the same. However, his thoughts were racing.

    “This is a video game, but what will it feel like to be stabbed? Will I get hurt in real life too? How do I beat a trained warrior?” He asked himself.

    Without any hesitation, Arkosa charged him. She rose her sword high in an attempt to strike him from above. He dove to the left and spun around to strike her legs with his sword.

    A clean cut. There was blood dripping down her legs that faded as it hit the ground. A bar formed above her head. Still green, she had not lost much health. She sheathed her sword.

    “Congratulations,” Arkosa said. “You have bested me. But fighting isn't all this game is about. You will meet other trainers along your journey to explain the different aspects of the game. For now, stick to the training grounds and join other players on quests. They're a good way for new players to earn gold and get equipment. Here's some gold to get you started.”

    She handed him a small, brown pouch. Without seeing anything, he knew she'd given him 1000 gold.
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