Dig up the Deepmine!

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  1. This is exciting, and worthy of drinking a beer
  2. You know, for a retired player you sure spend a lot of time on here complaining about the state of the game. Every thread has to have an obligatory Chaos post about how kaw sucks and you're an 8 year player blah blah blah. Someone a little bitter maybe?
  3. It might have something to do with them taking away his mod status and the subsequent disgrace, now he makes it a point to tell them on every post that he's spending money elsewhere :lol:

    @Chaos, a beta for a game similar to KaW started a few months ago. (KoH, they announced it here)
    It has a lot of features that were suggested for KaW over the years.
  4. Nice! good to see we are still cranking out innovation after all these years

    I look forward to earning my quintillionth gold.
  5. When you invest a small chunk of your life in something you once cared about, and those responsible for maintaining its wellbeing squander it as ATA did for kaw, allowing it to decay and fall amid any reasonable recourse to its wellbeing, come talk to me. Until then, shoo and come bite me. I am entitled to rant, regarding this "update" as is any player who once cared for kaw as I did. Nice try though champ, swing and a miss.

    Do me a favor and google the word "censure". I'll paraphrase, but it's along the lines of having a negative stigma, concerning anything such as my comment regarding this "update". It's still free speech, even tho you don't like it. :p
    I never installed it. But yeah, I got the emails.

    As the old saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". I'd like to add a third statement, fool me three times and you're just too addicted to the enjoyment of the apes rotten banana's. :lol:

    But I digress. It's really fun to retort you guys. ❤️ For realziessssss tho, an open marketplace of ideas is never a bad thing.
  6. What top 5 game is it that you spend on?
  7. As promised, I quit enjoy the new lands. Dropping build and deleting app.
  8. Game of war probably which is a million times worse than this when it comes to milking players.
  9. How long "over a year ago" have you spent 10k on a phone app? (You say "invested", but there is no return so it's no more of an investment than buying snickers bars). If 10k is the "majority" of your beer money, but not all, how much do you spend on beer?
  10. I got one thing out of chaos comment he's a recovering alcoholic good for you chaos.
  11. Does it really matter?
  12. Bruh :lol:
  13. Lower the cost of abyss lands
  14. I want a friend like chaos,+10k beer money.the guy must be drinking so much beer that his urin is pure beer.what brand do you drink?will invest some money in it
  15. This land seems out of proportion for me.. 18.5Q to BC it is a bit too much of a jump.. and it needs 50t per day if I want to BC in a year !!

    It's really too much considering how much gold we making
  16. ATA doesn't get math. :lol:

    How they expect players to realistically make 20Q from HTE/ZTA beats me.