Different, But Alike

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  1. Both help keep something warm

    Aztec and noobs

    Oh wait, it's the same thing....

    Inertia and apes
  2. Pizza carton and sweatshirt.. Both are symbols that you stopped caring about your bulging gut
  3. Both will make your clean clothes smell if put into your wardrobe dirty.

    A foot and an apple
  4. A foot and an apple.. Both can be shoved up..

  5. Foot and apple? Worms can eat through the skin and nom down on the delicious nuggety inner flesh.

    Toilet seat and Coat hanger
  6. You can stick your hand through both of them

    White people and tangerines
  7. Toilet seat and coat hanger.. Men will never use them
  8. Papers to roll up my grass, then smoke
    Petroleum and candy
  9. Bad thread? Much?
  10. White people and tangerines..

    Both are never more than 2in in diameter
  11. ashes I love you no homo 
  12. My wife says they both taste sweet.

    Kaw and semis

  13. Semi automatic guns or semi-formal dances?
  14. I think he meant semi errection 
  15. Neither satisfy me fully
    England and Walmart
  16. Everyone there is ugly and have bad teeth

    Kaw and eagles.
  17. Both are slowly dying

    Swimming and acne

  18. You really don't want to see bodily fluids in/outside of them

    King Louis and -Willy2Tyme-
  19. Both got stripped of their title and publically executed.