Different, But Alike

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  1. I've never made a game thread before, but I'm feeling creative tonight.

    The game is simple, but it requires a bit of thought and creativity.

    Think of two things - it could be anything (ideas, places, people, things) that you normally consider completely different and unrelated. Then the next person tries to come up with at least one way that they are similar.

    Once you answer, think of another two things to compare for the next person.

    For example:

    Person 1: pizza and guitars

    Person 2: 1. They both come in red. 2. They both go great with beer. 3. They can both be found at a local bar. Hammers and cars.

    Got it?

    I'll start: computers and the alphabet
  2. Computers and Alphabet..

    Both have P.. O.. R..

    Well you get the idea
  3. Computers and the alphabet are both systems of communication.

    Inside Door and Water
  4. Childbirth <> a AA battery
  5. I was going to say Google.. But I'm pretty sure I'm doing this wrong... I better post a gif quick..

    ..That's better
  6. Shouldn't put in your mouth
    Both can leak life-altering fluid
  7. These are great :lol:
  8. Both are things you can find inside a house.

    Checkers and cigarettes.
  9. They're both targeted for kids.

    Goldfish and Armoire
  10. I see what you did there. You meant the keyboard keys.....dont forget about the letter n and also s ampersign and m keys as well. Lots of others tooooo. Numbers like 70 minus 1. On and on.
  11. I had to look up armoire.

    Both come in yellow. Both hold food.

    Grass and paper
  12. Both are important to the drug cartell

    Stamps and ice cream
  13. Both come in different colours

    Calf muscle <> cornetto
  14. Had to look up cornetto. We don't have that here. Or its not a term we use.

    Both can be called drumsticks?

    Candle and bed sheet
  15. One is usually tainted while the other is a bold color? :lol:

    Call of Duty Ghost & Trash can๎’
  16. They're both useful for klan activities.

    Here we go: democrat and republican ๎„…
  17. Both great places to find virgins ๎’

    Ketchup and garden hose
  18. Both make fart sounds when squeezed.

    Snowman and Hairbrush

  19. They don't have hair

    A Needle and uranus
  20. both are hard to see with the eye.

    a pizza carton and a sweatshirt