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  1. Tty uuu
  2. Tte yuu*
  3. Inb4 eagle

    I hope Eagle comes with his big eagled signature! :D
  4. TS;DR

  5. Mod fanboys. 
  6. I'm just more perplexed on how the nobility topic was locked, but this was neither locked nor deleted. There's always a reason though.
  7. Corinthian, what are you doing back on the forums?
  8. Enlightening! Best thing I've read in years.
  9. This made me understand myself and everything there is in the world
  10. Idk. Or Lov2bme
  11. Am I not allowed to be on the forums? Just because I'm no longer a player-moderator by request doesn't mean I'm barred from posting on the forums for walking away.

    Specifically towards why I am active at the moment towards posting and so-forth, I've come into a couple weeks (or so) off from work, but not the kind where I can spend it with family. Since I can't do that, I thought I would spend at least a portion of it with a community I once put so much investment into. It's relaxing in some ways.
  12. Of course not! That was more a playful jab directed at a long ago acquaintance than anything. In truth, I'm rather glad you're still around and active in the community. It's good to see a familiar face (account name) coming up again in the forums. :)
  13. Sticky this, yo.
  14. Sorry for the major delay guys have been having issues reviewing this thread but I managed to get on a laptop to lock this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.