Devs, what about mids?

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  1. U,the devs, said u would shorten the gap from mids to bigs. So far u have done nothing to do so. Low tier plunder increase does great for smalls, but what about the mids. I don't have a good imagination so I don't know what would help the mids and not the bigs. If u, the kaw community, have any idea about how to fix this problem comment below. First and probably last forum post. Just so everyone knows I have played for a year back in the days where there was no dragon ebs and no hf lands, but I lost my account.
  2. What do you consider a mid ?? I'd think this is a mid sized account and the new land options in HF and abyss are great for me
  3. just grow like everyone else you scrub
  4. Your account isn't even a year old . Most bigs have been playing for years. OP is just another player complaining no reason 
  5. Lol he's upset but can't give any ideas whatsoever. Very constructive 
  6. Do not complain if you cannot offer solutions.
  7. This. I've been playing for three years, and if the update doesn't make sense to you try reading more of the guides, they're increasing plunder by increasing levels
  8. The update is sensible. It is however a minimal impact on growth rates, and likely a bigger impact on perception if upgrade costs. So, its a small positive.

    It is not going to enable mids to make substantial gains to bridge the on that point, its a non event.

    We need more significant change.
  9. Everyone isn't seeing this the right way.. You get an earlier plunder increase with the new update coming out today, that means you get more gold to reach your next one sooner, and you don't have to worry about keeping large sums of money out and someone attacking you and taking it. This update is going to help more than you guys care to realize, you can't just focus on the big picture, you have to focus on the little details that will really be helping out.
  10. You are seeing it the wrong way
  11. I provided reason and an intelligent argument behind my opinion. Why don't you try the same? It might make me actually believe you.
  12. All this doing in halving the price and stats per upgrading. So when you upgrade the plunder increase is very very small like maybe 10k per hit. It's not even really helping the middle because it's also with the abyss land so the bugs can take advantage of this anyways. They should not have been advertising this as a way to help mids but helping the people who war in any sort of way.
  13. yes they said they would shorten the bridge, they said that 2 weeks ago. how much of a change do you expect within a fortnight
  14. I think I'm a mid...
    Been playing for 4 years; doesn't change anything. Just enjoy KaW as you please but don't whine about the unfairness to everyone else. Don't like it? Get out.
  15. People ask for too much. You can't expect to grow quickly without hard work or a deep wallet. I personally like these changes, I get antsy with long periods between upgrades. But, I just play this for fun, what do I know? -.- all these people take this game too seriously
  16. You have no idea I have an alt with 7 hf lands open this update lets me put buildings up so that means higher stats which means more plunder which traslates to faster growth
  17. Do you realize the update they just rolled out? This helps mids out a bunch