Devs! Stop screwing with my brain! 

Discussion in 'Wars' started by O_o_____Frog____o_0, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Okay so I was smacking some dude around when he decided to smack me back. He crashed and burned on my towers, but not before this happened:

    I defend the attack but still lose items? How the heck does that work? Someone at ATA must be sniffing too much maple syrup again. Give back my items before I strip another of your precious VK's. 

    Frog out. ️
  2. Lol! That sucks. Wonder what caused that glitch. It was probably just an honest mistake.
  3. Yeah. I'm sure it's some kind of glitch. I won't crap my pants or strip a VK over 12 items. 
  4. Reverse wandering villager?
  5. Lol, good idea.  Preserving the laundry since 1863.  What time is it? Time to get a watch you say? WRONG! It is...

  6. Probably lag from a successful attack?

    Please don't strip the messenger...
  7. Strip the messenger? I don't get your logic.

    I guess that is another possibility though
  8. Not a lag. Believe it or not, but I've got items from fails. My blade was even stolen by someone who had a blade.... Didn't read the event thread though, so idk if something's changed or not. Also, I've heard quite a few stories of this happening. So, it's probably just a rare thing that can happen.
  9. No moody. There was no message of a successful attack at all. Even now.
  10. I don't know who is right and who is wrong. I would send feedback to ATA saying there was a glitch in the PvP event. They will ask you to provide them with a screenshot. Use the one you have on the first post and they may refund you.

    Tell me if that helps. If ATA fixes it, ask a mod to lock this thread, as it would not be relevant.
  11. Here is my latest incoming news. No indication of me losing an attack.

  12. Why the hell would I want the thread locked? I hate these noobs who think they can dictate when a thread gets locked.
  13. Give them money then ur unstoppable
  14. That is weird... Pretty sure you have to lose the attack? Worked that way in every other pvp event I've taken part in
  15. Hey why are u blue??
  16. could it be that the succesfull att didnt show up? i have the feeling it doesnt always happen to me
  17. Didn't lose any gold.
  18. light the torches!!!
  19. He was rewarded the valiant knight achievement. That is irrelevant though