DEVS: S5 Bracket Below LB

Discussion in 'Wars' started by JohnWick, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Idk if any other bracket is facing this issue, but in my wars of 50 people at least 10 are ps, but EVERY war since the season has started has had 8v2 ps or 7v3 etc... It has always been lopsided and it is impossible to win because these wars are decided by plunder, and it is impossible to keep up, especially when the ps side has 3-4 ps in their top 10 and the other side has all atk in top 10. The ps side has lost every war so far. Why 8v2 when it could be 5v5?

    Devs you released season info last week and never said a word to us and continue to ignore ALL the players since the season began
  2. Hola Ops️

    I'm in tier 2 or 3 n only once that has occurred n was with u in War 7.
    My clans struggle for a WC 4 outta 5 wars n trackers n SS also sometimes.

    I think simple fix is divvy up PS first then fill in with tanks to complete rosters.
  3. Nighthawk i have been in this bracket every war except for the 4th each day. It has been lopsided ps everytime, even the wars you joined us for
  4. Thats a real concern n hardly fun.

    Ppl that say IWar is fair n a 50:50 chance of winning r incorrect. Its 50/50 luck not skill.
  5. My biggest curiosity is simply this.

    Hansels going PS for war n have big Att BFA is that factored into it when not used really?
    Even though its impact is marginal if at all even.
  6. Factored into what? Determining how much 'atk stats' are put onto each side? Even if ps have atk bfa and atk has spy bfa thats no reason for these matches to be 8ps vs 2 ps
  7. Agree but but a PS with any large amount of Att BFA is not able to use it.
    Only if gold out for Att Def BFA is used.
  8. You literally said that people who think it's a 50:50 chance are wrong, yet you said it was a 50:50 and was luck! What? Stop hurting my brain...
  9. Please watch you distribution of PS in wars my last 2 wars were 7 vs 3 and 6 and a PS1 vs 2 almost impossible to win with so many less accts that can make plunder
  10. I've spent my fair share of time in every season as a spy build. Pure spies were never part of the original first two seasons. What's changed?

    Hansel builds lack the ability to plunder in current wars, in lieu of the enormous stat increase of T6 &T7. New pots should be implemented to allow spies the ability to attack in war.

    Note: New pots should be restricted and only be allowed to be purchased on a certain threshold, so that smalls cannot use them to further decimate the Lb under war brackets.
  11. I agree that new pots need to be added. But thats not going to change this problem, nor will having all the ps go hansel because there will still be an uneven number on the teams. All we ask is for 5-5 or 5-6, anything more than 2 has proven to be a disadvantage that has yet to be overcome
  12. On that note, the matching algorithm may need to be updated. From my observations, bfa has always been the biggest factor. Not only for spy distribution, but LB distributing as well during sign ups.

    It's most commonly seen in the LB brackets. One top 10 versus 4-6 top 100 lb etc.
  13. If the algorithm is the problem, that should've been accounted for and adjusted BEFORE the season started. Three years of 'estoc trials' and they STILL can't get it right.

    Obviously the devs have stopped caring about this game if they are going to blatantly throw us into this half assed season when hte events are better than this.

    Not to mention the server is being overloaded because its never had this many participants before and every war is lagging.
  14. New pots wouldnt help the game. Assuming they would b the same outrageous price as ones released few months ago, all it would do is once again create a larger gap as ur average player couldnt afford to stay full potted. Also it would destroy pvp ee and osw even further by increasing costs
  15. But its become clear devs no longer abt pvp side of kaw and instead just care abt eb bc it gives more profit
  16. The new pots that were added then removed would make sense now with abyss being so enormous, but they need to be limited to the ones who have the size to use them and to be used on. Not by a stupid sh that has all lands unlocked but not growing and using them to add on to destroying those that are 'their size'