Devs remove LL war on line up

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  1. LL war is a waste of time line up. Not many warring LL anymore. Most of the time no war in LL. Not a single clan fill up a roster. There is no point keeping LL wars. They are only being exploited by LB players to gain gold EE. They cast mains to war and cast alts to match their main for EE plunder bonus. This is not helping new players to learn how to war.
  2. Agreed. Add highlands or get rid of em.
  3. Agreed, it’s alt city and never fair on those that want to war and win, support 
  4. What the hell is the dude on about?
  5. Tbh ll war wasn’t fun from the start. There was 2 type of strategies, ffa or wait 5 mins to tap. Dev shld rlly listen to this n replace ll war wif another indi. There’s too many alts which lets them abuse this system
  6. Not true. It’s a way for people to get top 100 in wars more easily. Many LL war clans and ffa clans. Seen 6 sign up for one war last week.
  7. Only people complaining about LL wars are the ones who sign up for Ffa wars and try to deal against UN and Tracer
  8. I'm aware it's the least popular war type at the moment. Have not currently thought much about it though!

  9. More would war if those extra slots were made for Indy or k/a wars
  10. Anyone going to point out that musangs name is a bypass?
  11. Winston you could keep ll war. Instead of making clans for it. Let the system put players on clans like indi and KA. We cast and go out of clan. The issue with clans. This easily exploitable. It was fun before when more players cast for LL. Not many now casting on LL. Thanks for replying
  12. I like this idea.
  13. Dev shld rlly bring back the green alert when your team ko oppo. It looks nicer and makes me feel so kimochi
  14. Support
  15. Three words... Build complete wars

  16. Who are UN and Tracer? I never heard of them, also I don't deal with any ffa clans it's the only way to make them fight, still to this day lowland wars are the only fair wars out there, as for musang he always complains about lowland wars because he's not found a good clan that will let him war there. I say get rid of all indi wars and only do lowland wars :)
  17. How?
  18. Idiot use google to find out what Musang means. It’s an animal indigenous in Philippines, Malaysia and neighbouring country.
  19. Its an assault rifle cartridge,
    In light of the recent massacre in NZ i request the devs to change it
  20. What an idiot using the tragedy as a joke. What does ATA have to do with that tragedy or anything they can do? ATA hardly any handle on their own game