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  1. Advertising would lead to nothing. This game is far too developed and new players simply can't catch up.
  2. Players can catch up. I quit the game in 2009 for 5 years, it has taken me nearly 2 years to catch up though. The issue is the devs don't understand about clan loyalty or game loyalty and thus has developed a game that encourages a high drop out rate. They need to take a new direction, but the fact that they have ignored this thread indicates they don't get it
  3. New players can contribute and grow as part of a good clan. The problem, as already stated, is that there is little incentive for clan unity these days.

    Unless they are amongst true friends, players tend to roam where they make the most gold while spending the least amount of real life money.

    The devs have to incentivize players to return to a home clan because the social aspect of this game is the biggest draw.
  4. I won't be surprised if Instead of developing around clan loyalty/friendship and other social aspects of this game, devs will drop new lands soon, making it even more hard for new players to catch up. That's were the money come from. Or so devs think. It's a short term business strategy. Eventually we all will get tired of chasing bc. But if they were to make social aspect rewarding and more defined, new players will be less likely to quit, more likely to spend $$ to grow and eventually join the base of regular spenders, who like me don't mind dumping few hundred bucks a month on a hobby that kaw is.

    I get it, lb gets bored fast after bc'ing but those accounts won't go anywhere, the spending will continue as new players explore the abilities and benefits of bfa, therefor creating a competition for those old lb devs are currently catering to. Instead of endless upgrades find another way of keeping them occupied while newer or smaller players race to catch up. Create a circle of competition.

    How to attract new players? One option comes to mind - Make it rewarding for existing players to recruit. And make it rewarding for nubs to join. Like referral code sys kaw had in place like 6 years ago. Only make it real rewards, not just useless badge. Could be badge with percentage bonus or could be silver bars or whatever. There's Facebook and other social networks where players could advertise, which will cost nothing to devs..
  5. Also, those b2b events destroying clan loyalty aspect. Making them more rare and making goals easier to reach without jumping clans would be much more beneficial. Problem is - jumping clans is the least costly method right now to get to ur event goals, which defeats the purpose of having those events in a first place, coming from business point of view..
  6. New lands wont be realeased for a while lol they need to give people a chance to grow to a decent level before ploping in new lands that will only benifit those who either bc already or those you have a big wallet .
  7. @Op
    Not everyone can afford to sit in a clan doing b2b ZTA and HTE so thus they arent your size so stop acting like everyone are these huge acc monsters who have millions to dump on the game when they dont they work and have lives.

    I willl give you some credit somethings i totally agree with but theres some thing i cant agree with such as the "purge idea" forcing everyone to do bascally a 1 day PVP event is rediculas alot of players cant afford that they need to do ebs to actually grow cuz they not lucky enough or have a huge wallet to afford b2b ZTA or Hte. If they wish to PvP then they are free to at any time just gotta hit Battle list but thats there choice.

    For events and PvP equip i also cant quiet agree with you on that one either assuming your clan is ok with you you can Loyally stay there and hit the epics untill pvp on weekends which help you get the equip from event which is good enough the equipment is already to damn OP anyways we dont need stronger equip.

    The spell its kinda balanced on that one but i think its fine they way it is now if you pvp or were in osw's like myself then you know how awesome that spell it so you dont lose all your allies it ws good idea that should stay.

    Also I think events should stay the way they are and heres why:
    Events provide you with extra gold and echanating material as well as equipment for doing the things you would normally do anyways You EE alot nice here have a extra 5T and cool banner aswell anyone who doesnt like them in my opionion are stupid, pardon me but your getting free things. The devs at ATA are not going to your house holding your family hostage to make you buy stuff THAT IS YOUR choice.

    That all i need to say if you want to talk about it feel free to follow
  8. Bump for the devs. We'd really like to see one or more here.
  9. Battle cry was a good addition to the game for promoting clan unity. I would like to see more purchase options along those lines.

    A 1 hour PVP spell available 24/7 would be a popular purchase among osw clans.

    I would also be in favor of battle list hits randomly paying you double per hit. Let's say 1/5 hits.

    I'd also like to see an actual penalty for not participating in an ee war that you sign up for. You guys can decide what that is, but my thoughts are something like a forced 8 hour period of inactivity. If that's no good, a 48 ban on participating in ee wars.

    It has to be something discouraging for the behavior to change.
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself. Recruiting new players should be a #1 priority to the devs along with catering to the spenders of course.
  11. It's a nice idea, but people would just make crazy amounts of alts to get rewards
  12. There will always be those that take advantage, but it's still worth it if new players join the community.

    But I think the community would need to play a part in integrating them as well. Devs can give them as many rewards and packages as they want, but if ppl make fun of new players and don't want to accept them/ integrate them... they'll just delete the app anyway.

    Especially OSW clans.. it's a shame that literally almost all OSW clans are at war right now, so new players can't exactly join and learn. That's why I really support clans like l3ad company and evil within - because new osw clans are just as important as new players.

    One of the reasons I really like Ashes "tribute to osw fighters" thread is because it doesn't just include ppl from 4-6 years ago, but also newer osw players from the last year or so. It gives ppl that just discovered this aspect of the game motivation to also try and be a "legend" and not think.. "oh I'll never be recognized because I haven't been farming people, etc. for more than 3 years".

    Community gotta do their part too :)
  13. Support
  14. Support all incentives for new players. Giving them a solid head start doesn't hurt top 1000 players at all.

    I think new players feel a part of the game once they reach at least 50m CS. I know the devs have done some things to make this much easier, but I'm personally in favor of even better incentives to play.

    I understand not giving newbies seals/nobs etc, because that could be exploited very easily.

    However, giving them some xtals, free lands, and other similar incentives would work very well.

    I think building tokens should be brought back. There's no reason the 2k item level and above can't be rewarded with a building token. It should be use it or cash in for $500b. Whichever helps the individual player more is up to them. Make the tokens expire in 21 days so that bc players can't stockpile them towards future lands or buildings.
  15. All new players should get like 25 build tokens, so they can lowland complete. It won't affect the big players much at all
  16. Support Onesy, I just worry about alt explosions. I'd rather new players earn the bonus through activity.
  17. This guy like a sponge 
  18. Sponges are awesome if you rlly think about it.
  19. This shouldn't be a problem. If an account is getting a certain amount of rewards can be flagged and devs can investigate the "new" accounts and then enforce ToU if it's required.
  20. That would presume that Devs care about the game, and would take the time to do that. Which they don't, and they won't...