Devs: please listen carefully....

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  2. Please remember, when insulting others. Although you may be trying to hurt their feelings and I wish you luck with that endeavour.
    But when you spell your insult towards them incorrectly.
    You not they look like the dipshidiot.
    Please do. It amuse your enemies.
    Remember she will check is your friend and you're going to pleasure your enemies with fail insults.

    This has been a public service announcement for and on behalf of pretty much no one. 
    Happy kawing.
  3. If that was directed towards me which it most likely was I mispelt the words on purpose but I've fixed them, Mr. Perfect. He's my friend anyway so you made an assumption that I was insulting him but tis just friendly banter is it not? :D
  4. I did indeed and it was funny. And I also made the assumption you would see the humour.
    And correct the grammar to your friend. And have been corrected in my correction which is equally amusing.
    Now how else can we stretch this out ?
  5. Muslims don't see humour only our lord and saviour Allah.

    *unzips jacket* ALLAH AKBARRRRR!

    It'd be hard to stretch this out any further, however if you still have your virginity I could stretch something else.[moonface]
  6. Don't feed the trolls lol
  8. Get off this thread if you can't stay on topic.
  9. Okie. Don't think that works anymore but i'll do it because I respect dis ;D
  10. Isn't it? They ban bellemorte supposedly for using those cheats but don't ban the guy who sells them lol don't even serve basic Cease and agreement or favoritism? Who knows. But allowing some to cheat leaves others who want to have a chance at wining wars without much of a choice. Not only in osw, but also in ee and even pve. Please don't turn this game into Bots at wars..
  11. Purge I love it
  12. Debs, pls respond. This thread has raised some excellent ideas. I don't care how you advertise, that's back end, but reducing the relentless events, creating clan loyalty, adding aspects that support clan loyalty is where the game should and must go to reduce the huge drop out rate. And hide allies should only work during war, not for a period of time
  13. Too late
  14. This ;)
  15. Leave the damn hiding ally spell alone! It's the only thing devs did to improve pvp since pwars! And the only thing that can help us compete with bots, that took over osw already! Don't be selfish u eb fairies u, leave us pvp players at least something we can work with
  16. My apologies I been calling it kaw ally store when it's ally kaw store. I'm not a customer so don't blame me but it's on top of google search results in a correct way. It also says 'database is manually created' lmao I bet poor Steve will disagree, cos how does one manually scans the entire market in 1min to single out all of target' front page and back page allies? Should I repeat - back page, in one minute? And it don't matter if u have 21 ally or 550 - all will be known should u let ur hiding spell lapse like Steve did. As far as I know that system scans market for every known owner of every ally every hour. Unless the info is gathered directly from kaw servers and that will explain why this tool isn't effected by any network speed and other factors involved in such massive info gathering project. I guess u have to be an enemy to get the 1min treatment. Unfortunately for Steve that website is registered to a guy/player who is in clan Steve is currently warring with lol Anyway, u get the idea. Now this is only one website left I know of, there used to be another registered to the same owner that sold bots. Belle used to be a customer. Ss of her discussing her monthly payments can still be found floating around..The person who runs that website does beta testing for ATA. Basically an employee lol or at least an insider who takes advantage of his access for own agenda in game. Why ATA allows this? Good luck at warring these people lol thankfully they haven't found a way around hiding spell yet (unless lapsed) so let it be.
  17. Ally spell leave it alone. First to work on is find a way to bring new players in. Work on clan loyalty. Give players coming back with welcome back gifts. How long they are out of the game should reflect their gifts. Anyone out for six months get a gifts of 50 Xtals , nobs and building token. Those coming back after a year break get 100 Xtals , nobs and building tokens. This will make them feel important and appreciated. This idea is widely used by other games. Why not use it also since it works for them. Does not cost and arm and leg for ATA to appreciate loyal players.
  18. @Blazey how do you know who owns that website? According to my research that domain was registered by a "domain by proxy" service provider.
  19. When hiding spell first came out I was in osw and we immediately saw an opportunity to utilize it. It meant that all the gold in silver bars we had saved for strips could now be re-used few times instead of just losing it after performing one single strip. We figured we would rotate stripped allies between accounts with hiding spell, and since owner is hidden, our enemy wouldn't know who they were stripping even if they tracked their allies. Of course there was a way around it but it took quite a bit for our then enemy to figure it out lol I'd strip, go to 'sleep', they rushed to hire those allies back (from someone else) and I'll sit and watch them stealing and wasting xtals on my eb bonus. Of course the allies they hired were already rotated. This is the way our then enemy funded quite a few strips for us. Was extremely entertaining and felt as if good old osw was given a chance to be back..
  20. I don't want to get into details, there's a rl connections involved. Names, pointing fingers blah blah won't get any one anywhere. I know that devs have all the info needed and I wasn't even the one to forward it to them lol response was - we can not detect any automation therefor it is not against tou. No way to detect it doesn't mean there isn't any. Or that info is gathered directly from kaw servers which likely to be possible only if devs were to allow such. It is what it is and since we don't own the accounts we put real money into (according to TOU) realistically there isn't much we can do about it either way. I guess we should just let it be. But then let the hiding spell be as well, cos it's the only thing that can help us (those who refuse to cheat) work around at least some of the cheats