Devs: please listen carefully....

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  1. Seems like a bunch of has-beens trying to hold on to the last bit of decency this game had to offer. It's gone. It's not coming back. You're too late. When you fucktards engaged in their barrage of events and weekly specials, you gave them permission to continue with the onslaught of money-grabbing schemes.

    You're here for friends? Lol. That's funny. If that's the case, doesn't seem like you were ever playing the game right to begin with.

    Just accept the blame and move on. It's easier that way. Or keep wasting your time on useless threads. I'm sure the devs will read them and get a chuckle on their way to the bank.
  2. They can't chuckle on me toward the bankI told support I will not spend again after GAW. I spend on GAW and KAW before. After GAW gone I use events for my advantage without spending. I get my Xtal from events that I uses for next events. I been growing for free the last 3 yearsI kept my promise to them.

  3. My point exactly. These dick farts spend money on this **** show. And those greedy apes are just going to shut it down one day and laugh as you're all in tears in WC and forums.
  4. Thank you for your opinion :)
  5. Pretty sure noone will be crying in wc or on forums after they shut the game down ;)
  6. Pretty sure they'll announce it a few weeks prior, give a bunch of free **** away to ease your pain, then kick you all to the curb as they promote their next game. Pay attention, smart guy. Try to keep up.
  7. @des

    If they do they do. There is nothing we can do about that.

    What we can do however is try to improve the game we play. We've played this game for many years. Personally, I think devs will be interested in extending the longevity of the game. Why wouldn't they be? They make money off it. I accept if the capital investment was too large they might not - however if it is not then why wouldn't they look into issues.

    Even if they are not interested, people have the right to raise their concerns about cheating in the game. At the end of the day- people pay money for a game that has ToU. When it is obvious those ToU are being broken, then it's appropriate to ask the devs to do something about it.
  8. Listen.

    A lot of people still spend a LOT of money on this game. Until that stops, they will not be closing the app.
  9. And yes, I'm probably a has been. Maybe I'm a never was... before someone from apoc/wdgaf says so (although I'm sure old kotfe lords would never be so unkind)

    Still, I've fought in most major osw since 2010. I like osw and I'd like the game to return to a fairer system whereby you don't organise and prep a strip for hours only for the target - who you know is asleep to automatically pin on quests.

    I don't mind the calls and the waking up following roster checks (not bots). It's part of the fun when your phone goes off in the middle of the night and your missus asks "who the f was that woman" calling you.
  10. Literally this.
  11. Only thing I think is completely dumb is the PVE equip, you should have to war to get the best equip. great job Kingdoms At "WAR""

    but that's been said hundreds of times. devs don't take players opinions into consideration. RIP this game sooner or later. I will continue to play this game because I love it, but come on devs. please bb listen to us :(
  12. Support except some things at the end xD
  13. At least GaW was relatively short lived. Lol

    B-holes are going to throb and pucker in extreme levels of pain when these big spenders finally receive the bad news that devs have finally strung them along long enough and will be focusing on a new endeavor to drain your bank accounts.
  14. @steve. Tell her it was Jake from State Farm.

    You've been a warrior for a long time. Anyone who says differently just doesn't know any better.

    You sure you want to go back to the old days when you got stripped clean many times over? Lol.

    The devs don't seem to be able to deliver a fair playing field. They haven't since pwars started. Somebody always seems to find a way around them.

    Whether it's fake nobs, alert systems, quest bots, ee scripts, they just can't seem to keep up.

    It's a bit of a catch 22. You know as well as I do that no human can play 24 hours a day nor be watched by his clan 24 hours a day.

    With the size of alliances, 10 minutes is all you need to be wrecked, towers or not.

    What's your take on players continuing to spend heavily on something that can be gone in 10 min?

    Bomanator, for example spent around 30-40k in his years on KAW. In 15 minutes it was virtually wiped out (rightfully so) in a strip.

    Would you spend money if you knew it was guaranteed to be gone? I'm asking genuinely.
  15. Rip this dumbass post
  16. I dare not think about how much I've spent on this game but I spend it knowing it might go. It's not 30-40k though!

    It's a bit like playing at the casino. Your gonna lose a chunk eventually. I strip. I get stripped - I rebuild. I get stripped again - i rebuild again. I dare say if I didn't osw for a prolonged period I'd be high on lb ?? It's an occupational hazard 

    Everyone gets stripped eventually. Osw warriors enjoy the strips they pull off knowing their time will come. I should add I've never been "cleaned". My towers always saw to that.

    Not sure you were on but I got stripped again just before xmas. Let me spell slip. Less than 1 min. Pretty sure script got my allies ?

    I agree accounts can be wrecked in ten min. In reality significant damage can be caused in 2 min now. The game has evolved to try and overcome the cheating the devs won't stop. 30% stolen is now considered a success. 4 years ago it was considered a bad strip.

    Sign o' the times

    Hopefully we will get a mod on at some point and get devs involved.

  17. Plenty of people are laughing of "Hardcore PVP" as part of new KaW name in App/Play Store and I don't understand why. One can lose tens of thousands in a blink of an eye. How is this not hardcore? I'm not playing other games so I genuinely ask: there is any other game where you can lose that much in couple of minutes?
  18. I find it funny that pvp aspect is being used to advertise when pvp is the last thing devs care about. I also find it funny that it's called hardcore pvp when most 'hardcore pvp clans' can't osw without cheats. It's hardly player vs player these days, there's always automation involved on one side or the other, or even both. When devs serve Kaw Ally Store website with Cease and Deceased letter - MAYBE then we will have a chance to enjoy real pvp again

    As of loss..I accept such possibility when spend $$ and when I strip others. This is not an investment, maybe only in a short lived fun..otherwise it's just a hobby expense some of us can afford. After all none of us owns our kaw accounts, according to TOU anyway - they all belong to ATA lol which is highly debatable. But either way..Like Steve said - we strip and we get stripped. So it's a countious decission to not spend as much as I could if I saw positive (for my play style - mostly pvp) improvements and game developments. What I spend is a fraction of what I would've if only known cheating was taken care of. Especially since the sources are so well known lol
  19. Wow... I had no clue that was even a thing. :O
    The fact devs let this slide is astounding...