Devs: please listen carefully....

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  1. There's some good ideas here. Hope the developers listen and use them.
  2. Devs did something about cheats. They punished -Appleseed- and army. Some take advantage about this with ATA generousity to help. They went behind ATA to directly to apple. I don't want to mention here what other toke advantage because I wouldn't encourage anyone to do the same. Will just make it harder for us get help from ATA. I still have trust in ATA. They did banned some accounts afterward and that destroy a clan now we know merge with YAFI. ATA will help fixed the problem if you have a legitimate evidence. You must have tracking 24/7. You must find out which accounts are cheating as many as you can. Will not be easy but it requires a lot of hard work for love of the game. NA tracking toke over a year and the files was sent to support everyday. This help ATA to have clear view how many accounts are involve. How they are used. According to our tracking 137 accounts. It's not confirm but ATA may have taken care more than that. They all are PC accounts that are run on company PC's. I know most of us want a 100% action. This is not possible. As long ATA do something even little by little it gives us hope. They have some others thing to do as a company. Since the issue come from other players we must help them to fixed the issue. Most of this are done by few who does not care about the game. They doing this to make money off those cowards players that are not capable of taking risk. If everyone help ATA will do some good eventually. I still have faith on ATA to help fix the problem.
  3. @steve. I'd be stripping you in a couple of hours like the old days if not for your hide ally spell. Lol

    So "cheats", hide ally spell, you're basically impossible to strip short of you forgetting to recast spell or me getting lucky and napping it your allies by a few other unproductive methods

    Even with those unproductive methods, you earn more on a few trains that I can track and steal in 2 min or less. So here we are, at a stand still that pisses everyone off in the game.

    I wish the devs would take action. Even if they didn't eliminate any cheating, they could reduce inflation and that would help a lot of new players get more involved in the game.

    I visited a total noob clan the other day with 16 accounts doing small eb. They were ranked 475 on the clan Lb. That's a sad state for the game. I think we all agree on that.
  4. Musang, Yafi was apple and company were cheating in a unique way that's easy for the devs to identify. The other types of cheating aren't so easy to prove and of course they don't want to ban players spending $1000 a month without 100% certainty.

    I'm not so sure the devs can actually do anything about it.

    That being said, they can make other changes to encourage more new players to join. You know as well as I do that even the cheaters can be beat, it just takes a hell of a lot longer. Lol.
  5. Hiding ally spell is probably the only thing that keeps osw somewhat alive right now. Thankfully Kaw ally store and other 'info gathering' tools can't find a way around it
  6. @Musang NA was needed to waste one year of their "play" to find proofs against cheaters. This is not how supposed to be. ATA should do that work not a clan or a player. And even so, took one year for ATA to take action.
  7. Then suggest alternatives to the devs that are possible within human and programming limits.
    Email them the advice they need that you have.
    Don't post it here. You will tell people how to avoid detection.
  8. I know that I don't have all the answers or I would be emailing them to the devs daily, but I can tell you for a fact that as long as kaw is available on PC, there is next to nothing that they can do about cheating/bots without completely remaking the game from scratch, which judging from stories of FC and GaW I wouldn't say is out of their realm of reasoning. Hell that might be the new game they're releasing in 2017 and were just their pre-order customers ;)
  9. And I can state for a fact that many people who kaw from work or in linked devices from PC that many legitimate players would quit.
    Yes we have to put up with cheaters. As a community along with the devs we need them gone.
    But driving away many players especially after the last iOS update fiasco where many players can no longer log on on their devices PC is the only way to play. Driving more active players away is not going to work for long to improve the game.
    But I'm sure some one could do something to reduce the cheats without harming innocent players.
    It's the few that make it so the rest of us can't have the nice things in kaw.
  10. It's just common sense Chaos. If NA managed to prove that some people was cheating, ATA could do that too. Normally ATA should have more tools to gather proofs. They do have data about players activity. They should be able to do it way much faster than a player "stalking" another player. And when I said "even so took ATA one year to take action" I said because for me it's obvious that ATA didn't actually wanted to do something against those cheaters. This is how I see it. Maybe I'm wrong.
  11. Pc Accts are most programmers are able to work around kaw and get what they need done. Taking away hide ally spell isn't the issue. It should be what happens after hires that the devs seem to over look. Stop kidding yourself and pretending hide ally spell has anything to do with cheating. All that cheat don't hide allies . Get back to what's really happening . Tv and ally protection is the problem and devs don't care.
  12. Personally I don't care ally hide. I'm more concern PC accounts. Removed them and tv can't be used as multi screen
  13. Allies hide spell it's okay. I think should stay. Is it exploited? Yes it is. As Zero said, that spell wasn't ment to be active 24/7/365. Fix for this? Make the spell timer visible. Make it a race between tracker and target. Heck...might even spice things up. Or random disable it for 30 seconds for X times in 24hours.
  14. "Wasnt meant to be used 24/7/365".....? i never recall a dev saying that. It was made to hide allies and if u can hide 24/7/365 then all the best to you. Gotta combat the bots the devs dont care about somehow
  15. Ty, that proposal is for an ideal world where the bots are gone. If you read my posts on the previous page you'll see that I said exactly the same thing: somehow devs don't care about bots.
  16. Removed PC accounts and cheats will reduced 75%. The rest of the cheats will be on nobs and other stuff. They will be easier to monitor if devs develop a system to audit nobs in the system every 24 hours. If Chinese gamers company can develop auto translator in WC and AC. Auditing system should not be that difficult. Also to save energy. ATA should removed the rules about one account per device. They should adapt like any other gaming system to used one device for multiple accounts. This way we only charge one device everyday not 50 or 100 devices charges. Our home looks like a phone storeOnly after removing the PC account then allowed multiple accounts in devices.
  17. Developing anything costs money. ATA has always been a company that's mainly interested in money income, not spending it on developing. Same as tracking a suspected cheater is likely to be an expensive venture for devs. It's a known fact that if many people bug devs enough they'll look into it and miraculously find a proof of cheating, that they won't show to supposed offender himself lol Hell, the Kaw ally store (which charges money) and strip protection are apparently legal because they only gathering info - as per devs. Devs said it before - they can't see any automatic action so can't ban. Well, I guess Kaw ally store employs thousands of ppl just to scan market 24/7/365 lol or maybe part of those money they charge goes to devs too?

    Let's be real, everything u all wish for costs money, which means..keep dreaming.
  18. Blazey, simple fact is this game is outdated and they're far more focused on making new products over salvaging a dying game.

    Ever single one of you posting in his thread, have made the grave mistake of being over invested in a game, where the developers themselves don't care. Kaw will die eventually, it's a known fact. The question is how soon.

  19. What kind of budget do you think mobile strike had before tv ads...?

    Support zero. Also add adverts on other games of this genre
  20. 'Grave mistake', 'over invested' - maybe that's how u feel about ur main? Sounds like a major exaggeration to me. Some other hobbies of mine require much more money to be invested to fully enjoy. That's how it usually works with hobbies - u need money. I won't lie I'd spend much more if devs spent some on developing good things for game but hey, it is what it is. I personally really don't sweat it anymore, just playing along and express my opinion here and there.

    While I agree with first part of ur post, I just can't understand why devs keep throwing these other products on the market instead of keeping once a very successful game going that successful route? Have they had any of their game in top 50 of most earning apps in iTunes like Kaw once was? That's what I don't get, but again it is what it is and they make their choices. As we all do when we decide to spend less and less :)