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  1. Semm. Invictus, dkod, all from the same ilk. Y'all have been crying about losing the war for years.

    If you have proof of cheating, please bring it to the attention of the devs. Don't use this thread to cry about losing the war for fantasy reasons.

    Like I said before, the hide ally spell is used by both alliances and KaW wide to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of the community. I already explained how in the above thread.

    Reading is fundamental.
  2. You can Xtal also on device what's the different? PC version is where am pay issue at. PC version don't need Xtal . Someone can create accounts like Appleseeds that does not required Appleseeds present.
  3. You can steal and unload troops a lot faster on pc musang, but I get your point. That would eliminate bots as far as I know.
  4. This kind of players bring KAW nothing but ignorant. Until they get hit by Appleseeds army then they realized how much PC version a serious problem
  5. How about if you really care about the community than you stop spreading false info. I am not crying, I am not losing, I am posting facts. Facts that your side know, facts that my side know, and facts that I am quite sure the devs know.

    While there are people (notice I called out no individual, clan, alliance etc.) That are pinned on quests within 90 seconds of being stripped, while there are systems to do things like this, the hide ally spell is the only way to compete.

    If you truly cared about the community you wouldn't be using this thread which could be used constructively as a soap box to cry about the fact that there are people you just can't strip, who aren't cheating just getting some legit strip protection from the in game mechanics.
  6. Zero I understand that. Does it really matter how fast you steal on device when 75% of issue is removed. Remember those days when players we steal for 6 or longer hours. Those not many watching multi screen televisions. Those times are fun. Made comradary in alliances more fun. Those times when we stripped we have time to joke around and steal target. Making clan more closer together. Now when we strip we must be like bugs bunny. Must steal quick within half hour at best. Clan unity is dying and not much interaction during strips. Everyone goes back to EB like zombies. Without PC version I assure you clan unity will be more fun. Strips that last for hours will be more fun
  7. Semmz, people cheat. They've been doing it all over kaw since the inception of pwars. This is a developer fault. They've improved over the years as far as bots are concerned, but in other areas, they've made no progress at all.

    A level playing field is what the community wants. The devs must believe it's level right now, or they'd do something about it. Maybe they can't do something about it, have you ever thought of that?

    We know for sure they can do something about the hide ally spell and other things mentioned earlier in the game. That's the topic of discussion.

    People have been complaining for years about outside cheating systems, and the devs haven't done anything about it. That means they either don't care, or don't know what to do.

    I only know of one clan that pins on quests within 2 min.
  8. They did do something about it, they introduced the hide ally spell to level off the playing field between the cheaters and the non. So until they find a way to eradicate cheating (which they likely can't) the hide ally spell should be here to stay.

    Edit: also your going in the wrong direction if your trying to think of things to make ata more $, ppl spend a fair amount of it on PvP weekend to get the mith required to run 24hr hide spell consecutively.
  9. Most players forgot how much fun stripping few years back. 4 hours stripping give plenty of time for everyone to talk and joke around. Give clan members something to hold on to and be more active. This day's most players become zombies. They participate on strips and when it's over goes back to EB without saying much interaction with everyone. I know this because I'm in few clans. I see some clans run EB and not a single one say hello in cc for a week. Most are alts on PC version with special ability to hit EB regularly. Most clan have few big talkers that just want to talk RP. Not many now talk in cc about how's everyone doing in real life or what's new on their lives. I am proud to be NA and proud to have long time friends that I can rely on with tough times or good times. They are my online family that I'm proud off. Most of them been pushing PC version to be removed also.
    Players like is that are minority want a level playing field also. I think if majority of KAW push hard enough to removed PC version. The 24 ally spell is not as required as much anymore. Everyone can just put 3 alarms on to wake up at certain times. Takes more longer to strip anyone with out those accounts that capable stealing on their own.
  10. You make some good points musang. Many of the older KaW game play methods don't exist anymore because of cheat systems.


    The people cheating are also using the hide ally spell. So on top of them having a 2 min window, you can't track their front page allies.

    Do you think that's s good thing, or just another unfair advantage?
  11. I think that cheating and using the hide ally spell is a little redundant but I don't cheat so I don't know if it's needed as well as the cheat. My biggest point is that cheating and the hide ally spell go hand in hand, removing one without removing the other will be detrimental to the survival of this game.
  12. I'm for both semmzz. Let's go back to the old KaW.
  13. Me too but I'm pretty sure everyone has come to accept the fact that the cheating will not be stopped so we just stopped playing with those wussies and have fun stripping each other back and forth and will most likely continue to do so until this game is no more ;)
  14. That may be semzz. That's what I'm trying to avoid.

    Musang made some good points about the social interaction of the game. Anything that can be done to further that growth is where the devs need to go imo.

    I'm open to all ideas. I think the current options of game play styles are good, they allow you to enjoy multiple aspects of the game simultaneously.

    However, I am most concerned with how they get new players to come and thrive. How will those new players ever get in an LB clan without spending a fortune?

    They shouldn't have a free path to huge CS, but it shouldn't take thousands of dollars to reach 800m CS either.

    I think players under 200m CS ought to have some special event drops like building tokens.

    It wouldn't hurt anyone to give a land/building token to smaller players if they reach 2k event items.

    Us bigger players have spent and earned our CS, but we know that we'll be playing a dying game without new players entering the community.
  15. I agree zero hard to keep new players. Once I enjoy helping new players. Some of my closest friends still here who I meet when they are still in lowland hitting my alts. I play with them on 1 vs 1 until they start asking question why my small accounts able to defeat them. That's where I start helping them and teach them what I know on the game. I see them learn and stay in the game and they even better than me on other aspect of KAW . They also once like me helping new players stay on the game. Now we hardly help any new players. Reason is game is not as interested and mentally most of us don't really want to help new players become zombie of this game. Second is trust issue. Most new accounts more likely are PC alts. Can't risk helping them and bringing them under our wings and just moles. I have a lot of fun teachings new players before but now it's tough. Now can't really figure who are legit new players that can be teach and help grow. The risk is very high. I would love to start helping new players one day. ATA just have to come up something for us to have more fun in the game and make it worth a while to help new players. ATA should at least consider separating new players to main KAW until they are certain stats. When they are at certain stats they should be offer to move to main KAW system or stay and grow more. At certain max stats they will automatically send to main KAW system. This way they will have fun as new players hitting their own sizes. Bringing new player here is very overwhelming I believed when they see how much stats they have to chase. My English is not good and its little harder for me to explain. Other game do this thing so new players get used to their new game environment. Most of us remember we have fun being small and we can hit our own size or slightly bigger. Most of us stay on the game because of this. I don't know if it works for KAW. I do believe it's better investment than making news failed games over and over by ATA. Why not improved this game that works with many loyal players for years. Zero iron up this idea and maybe can help
  16. Shouldn't be needed revolutionary changes. KaW is a great game as it is. Is just broken. Identify what is broken and fix it. First of all I have no reasons to think that ATA is capable to come with revolutionary ideas and implement them. This game is over 7 years old. How many new features was added in this 7 years? Epic battles and system wars revamp. That's a whopping two changes in 7 years. Not even today, KaW doesn't have widgets. Nor on iOS, nor on Android. Whem widgets was introduced on iOS, Apple used to feature for a while the apps that support widgets. Wouldn't be smart to make a "Troop level" widget and they would get free advertising from Apple. Changing graphics? How? And what? To see my troops marching on my kingdom's streets? Yeah...would be cool but a deal breaker. Because I assume nobody wants an animated battle. Would you want to see your spies fighting with your target spies for like one minute during a strip?

    So fix KaW economy and maybe slightly change monetary policy.
  17. They used to advertise the game on other games. I actually found this game from an advertisement in another game in 2010. The last advertisement I know of was in 2012ish.

    They screwed up when they stopped advertising when the game was at its peak.. they basically gave up on advertising because they hit a huge peak, but according to Derek from ATA only about 15% of players stay. If they would have kept advertising, more would have came. So instead of 15% of couple hundred thousand, it could and probably WOULD have been more like 15% of a couple million. A significant difference. That's what happened to Clash of Clans, and they didn't even have a good social community like kaw. Lots would have and actually have kept playing because of friendships in game.

  18. Zero

    I'm tired of agreeing with you or commenting on your ideas

    I don't completely agree but I think it's good you are bringing these things to the forums so people can consider them and maybe come up with solutions.

    Personally I don't think the devs can do anything about the cheating. Economically I think they are so fearful of the wrath of the "cheats" no longer spending that they feel paralysed.

    They have the technology; they have the information. They know that x account sleeps at x time and if they start questing within 90 seconds in the middle of their night every time they are stripped/receive a certain number of steals then their game is being manipulated. They clearly feel unable to do anything about it.

    The hide ally spell is a legitimate in game option. If they stop the cheating then I would have no issue with calls to remove the hide ally spell. However I should add currently that ppl using the spell (1) have to remember to renew it - if you forget - even for 10 seconds you can guarantee a computer has scanned and provided a list and (2) there are still other legitimate ways to identify allies even if they are hidden.

    The banning of pc accounts is an interesting concept. I'd happily see that occur and would support any petition.

    I'd love to go back to 2010/11 days. Back to regular scout checks (WAR - my clan - still does them); back to large windows; back to clan mates chatting and laughing whilst stealing.

    Oh and as for you "winning" - c'mon bro. I've a whole host of stats which would suggest otherwise. I'll not add them as it will just derail this thread. If we want to trash talk each other then let's create a forum dealing with the osw. That way both sides can have their say and update the kaw community. Personally - as you will see from the limited number of posts I've made over all the years and osw I've been in I'll talk on the battlefield.

    Let's keep on topic. It's a good subject. ?
  19. @SteveMeyer... See? That's the problem. You are saying that ATA is not doing anything against cheaters because cheaters might stop spending. I think I can say that ATA is happy with cheaters "bribe". That's the feeling of many around KaW these days. That's the feeling that made many players to quit playing. Of course ATA can and should know who the cheaters are. Normally they shouldn't need me or you to identify the cheaters. In a normal world, cheaters are named and shamed. Not in KaW. If I know that X is cheating and I make a post about it, a moderator will silence/forum ban me for "accusing" the cheater. Even if FALSELY accusing a player is against ToU. The normal scenario should be this: I post "X is cheating", ATA should investigate and only then to take actions: against cheater or against me if he's genuine. Or if I chose the official way and I send an email to support I'd get an "Thanks for letting us know. Please provide more evidence". Hello! That's ATA's job not mine.