Devs: please listen carefully....

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  1. Purge idea is redundant, not everybody wants to pvp and most peeps have gold out for ug, this idea is useless. Overall decent idea
  2. @optimal. I don't know who you are...but I love you man. No hard feelings. 
  3. That was for me. He dislike me because I'm a terrorist.
  4. Agreed, but honestly.... You need to advertise this game, i've been saying it for 6 years now since beta.
    New players to stopped flooding in over two years ago, 70+% of all new accounts are pretty much just alts, hell more than 2/3rds of us all own an alt, some of us have 3+, even some over a dozen...
  5. 10/10 argument /s
  6. What do you all feel the game's lifespan is from this point forward? Will we see a rapid decline like GAW, or will the game just slowly burn out?

    Is there a way to alter that lifespan in a positive way that still produces income for the developers?
  7. I hear all this good idea. Now why don't you include where ATA increase revenue in your idea so they will listen more. All I see on this idea is how to spend more on finished product.
  8. That's what I asked for musang. I'm not a developer nor do I claim to have a monopoly on good ideas for the game.

    If i had all the answers I'd make my own KAW.

    But you'd be pre-banned. Lol.
  9. I think most of us care about KAW gaming health. We want KAW to last another 10 years. Zero I admire you trying something to help KAW. You should contact more old KAW players to brain storm ideas. Still few old players in CR, Res, and other clans who care the game. They the one not growing fast because refused to cheat. They learn to adapt to the game and have fun. ATA is a company don't care much if game last for a year. We learn this from GAW and FC. We as a KAW community who deeply care the game must try to help. Zero you are the start but we have to have a clear view not just what we want. We must also think ATA take on this so they take seriously. We all know and ATA know there is a cancer to the game. The cancer to the game will always be here because most of us accepted it's normal. If we help ATA to expose them maybe will increase ATA revenue afterward and they more likely listen more to us. I can't say particularly what the cancer of the game because it's not allowed to mention. Those knows this things learn to accept because enemy uses it so other must use it too. Help ATA bring down this cheats and maybe they listen more to us.
  10. Is not that hard to bring down cheats. Get rid of PC version and most of cheating methods are gone. A PC platform is not necessary needed for a successful mobile game. Yes, some will lose their alts. It is how it is. You used the word "cancer". Sometimes to cure cancer you need to cut something. And anyway, tablets are cheap these days. You get 10 for 2 bucks.
  11. Remove hide ally spell? What else are we gonna use useless mith for? Muppet
  12. Remove hidden spell.Bahahaaha lets out the few players that don't cheat. U stupid ass. If you not cheating ur not trying
  13. Let's be real hidden ally spell was posted by of all people kotfe .lol back to watching tv losers
  14. I agree with Vlad to remove PC version of this game. They don't bring any revenue to the game anyway. This way 75% of the game cancer is removed and we can help work to removed the last 25%. Have enough players understand this things around to fix them.
  15. Obviously you don't understand pc version it brings kaw a lot of revenue ;) all those xstals for stls so fast .u can't protect your 5 lb Accts from a iPhone .till u figure out top 100 lb just a handful of pcs .u just not in it to win it
  16. Lmao remove hidden allie spell
    Hidden spell is the only chance ppl that play the game honestly got, but pretending to help the game to get devs to do what you want is a good strategy huh 
  17. Why can't you protect your 5 lb accounts from iPhone?
  18. This has turned into an invictus butt hurt thread. Enemy or not, you're welcome to post ideas on how to improve the game.

    You can keep your butt hurt to yourself.

    There are many on our side using the hide ally spell as well. It would be equally painful for both sides to lose it.

    The hide ally spell is no different than the haxor build. They both were both exploits not designed to be in game play. The devs didn't eliminate the haxor build, but they made it much harder to live with.

    That's what I'm asking for the hide ally spell. Any noob that can farm an open ps can make enough mith to hide allies 24/7. There isn't any skill in the game play. All you need to do is set an alarm on your device to remind you to recast the spell daily.

    If you volley your allies well over market price, you have basically created bfa that can't be stripped. That's an exploit. All players can do it, but that doesn't make it right.
  19. Actually you seem like the butthurt one my friend. As others have said, while there is still rampant cheating going on in this game, bells, whistles, alarms, TVs and tons more like getting someone full list of allies front and back page while only being unhidden a couple of minutes, the hide ally spell is the only legit way to compete.

    I also agree, remove kaw PC version and watch how fast this game gets fun and interesting again when all the cheaters can't hide behind their "Sweet strip protection". ;)

    Edit: just scanned briefly and don't see a single post from an Invictus member, care to point one out ?