Devs: please listen carefully....

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  1. I don't think anyone faults the devs for trying to make money. This app isn't a charity, and new content costs time and money.

    I think the biggest complaint is the redundancy of events combined when combined with ee promote clan hopping.

    PVP via osw has actually been bettered in some ways as you can't be defeated if you have some staying power. The events and eb's make it possible to recover from almost daily strips.

    I'd be curious to see KAW's revenue numbers over the last three years. Please feel free to post if anyone can find them.
  2. I'd be curious to see KAW's revenue numbers over the last three years. Please feel free to post if anyone can find them.[/quote]

    Of course it's absolutely normal to want to make money. But there's few questions:

    1. What do you offer to your customers for those money? Few hours ago I opened a ZTA. $10 cost. I don't have any crux chest left so I decided not to use xtals. Result? Close to 1.7T. Sounds like a lot. I mean, c'mon...TRILLIONS! A huge number. Unfortunately there's no difference between KaW and Zimbabwe. The inflation went through the roof long long time ago. So my $10 gave me 1/3 of my next upgrade. With is lvl8 to lvl9 out of 20 levels... I think for a single mico-purchase $10 it's a decent purchase. And after spending $10 the one who did it to be able to point what he spent money for. 1/3 of your next upgrade is not really an incentive for many people.

    2. What are you doing once you take the money from people. You are saying that devs need to make money in order to be able to develop new content to make us happy. Tell this to FC and GaW players. They paid real money during tbe years. Did ATA developed new content for them? Not at all. After milking them ATA shut both FC and GaW without looking back. This do affect KaW aswell. I'm sure there several players who thinking like "okay...I spend couple of bucks in Oracle. What will get me? An achievement in next ATA game? No thank you."

    3. This is basically a prolong for 2. They should be more careful on what new apps they are spending money for. 2-3 years ago they came on Play Store with that racing game. Let alone the gameplay and graphics was horrible. smart it is as an small independent game studio to invest your hard earned money into a racing game... I mean c'mon... You need to fight with 3-4 EA and 3-4 Gameloft games. There's no place there for small players. Hence they failed.
  3. Thelegend27 is obviously cheating.
  4. Someone suggested KaW makes $8500 per day on average. That's a pretty good take.
  5. Does anyone see a path to growth for the game?
  6. I've seen something similar on ThinkGaming. But it's only for iOS platform and only for USA. But I don't know how accurate those data actually are. At the same time, Think Gaming statistic claim over 6.000 daily installs only in USA. Probably due tech tree issues when iOS users had to keep reinstall the game in order to play :) otherwise it's obviouse there's nowhere near 6000 new players every day. And that only from USA.
  7. But even if ATA is going to invest in marketing and somehow will manage to reach to 6000 daily installs, it's useless as long as retaining rate is low. The game must be revamped. If you tell a new player that as of today he needs over 2 quadrillion for build complete is most likely like "bye bye! Was fun while it lasted". 2 quadrillion is a huge number and I'm sure it does have a psychological effect on new players. What can be done? Treat KaW inflation same as a real economy inflation. Slash some 0s. Like 6 0s. Billion it is a decent number. Quadrillion is not.
  8. How you slash zeros and keep the money spent by old players in balance with new players? Would you just reduce their earnings exponentially as well?
  9. I'm just waiting for Quintillions nowadays tbh.
  10. Social media advertising is free?? Facebook and Google did not become S&P500 Companies through free advertising.

    This is precisely true. Even if floods of new players installed the game... what would they see? Look at this game. Compare it's interface to something like Clash of Clans. For the most part, it looks the same here as it did 6 years ago.

    The reason most of us still play is not because it is an amazing innovative game, but due to nostalgic reasons and friends people have made. So why should new players want to stay?
  11. Yes. Of course I was thinking about reducing earnings across the KaW. For new players too. Maybe not by same factor as old players. If you give them a chance to catch up will stay.
  12. @Terra you are right. Social media advertising is very expensive. The reason i still need to see advertising of a small-medium company on YouTube. Just as an example, on YouTube in-video advertising costs $0.3/view. $300.000 for 1 million viewers. Indeed you need to pay only if the user is watching your full advertising and he doesn't hit "Skip ad".
  13. @terra. I was referring to advertising through facebook/instsgram/twitter posts. I just didn't explain it very well. I know actual ads cost money.
  14. And who is going to follow these accounts other than people that already play?

  15. I left about a year and a half ago. When I left I had a solid ranking I was happy with and top 5 in my clan. I came back because I enjoyed the game. The interface does not matter to me. It's the people. I knew I would be smaller when I came back but the size of accounts around now is crazy. Devs gotta slow down to let others catch up. It was really getting bad when they began the whole pay to play push. But it's out of control now.
  16. Ata never listens. Anywhere...
  17. YUP!
  18. Despite my feelings for a certain person.
    He for once makes sense.
    Changing the decimal place has been suggested before. It would not change much in real terms but would change the initial perception of new players.

    As for back to events.
    Yes I hate them too. But they are needed.
    The growth required now is over the top.
    Smalls and mids need to see growth to be encouraged to keep playing.

    I remember I was never happier than doing 7 upgrades a day and racing against friends to be first to next goal.
    Just so next the next victim could get smashed.

    The game appears tedious because we are confined to one of two ways of growth.
    Non stop tapping. Or paying to tap slightly less.

    Despite the cyber Monday kick in the teeth, Black Friday promo saw more growth than any time I can remember.
    Ok it lost its feel good factor when they slapped us with the hey you could have doubled that waiting to spend till Monday, but Friday was good as a stand alone.

    Devs need to recognise the feel good factor we are paying for.

    And they need to mix up pvp events and war pays to offer far more incentive to risk a bit more for better rewards.

    Events need to stay.
    They should be one item events as two items hurts the smaller players even more.
    I don't like them. But for growth they are needed.

    Excess gold and overinflated allies.
    Who cares. War over them.
    Have dead allies have a max value per stat range.
    War over actives. That's where the challenge should be fighting over the best commodity in the game. Us the players. We should war for us. Not because some prom queen said something to another certain cake type. But because I want that darn good active ally that you have.

    Grow and war. This is kingdoms at war.
    Growth should be easy.
    War should be hell and constant.