Devs: please listen carefully....

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  1. Lol musang it's easy, simple scripts, a bot is just basically a script, it's just hard to distinguish between one because it can act very similarly to a human if you program it to do so. All you have to do is have it hit in intervals different intervals, or have a line coded in where if you have more than a couple inc detected self pin you know. But code isn't cheap, and it would take several ways to stop these, like extra checks implemented into the developers code that actually checks to see if it's a human or not you know actually a lot more difficult than it seems, considering there is no auto sign out for being away from the game for too long you get me ? As for new players the events will retain them, in a way because they will see growth that hasn't been seen before until the hit the higher lands of abyss or higher lands and prices you get me.
  2. If devs wanted to take care of cheaters, they would've already. Some are well known but all we get is excuses from devs. Don't hold your breath..

    I disagree with musang. It is not customer's job to track and collect evidence. We are here to play, enjoy the product we pay for. It's devs who should ensure it's played by the rules, not us.
  3. If we want to increase KaW revenue simply do more of the free nob deals. It doesn't need to be the ones that require purchases, but the small ones. Like playing games or taking surveys. They have to pay to be an option there. So if e everyone does those KaW revenue will increase