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  1. Then tweak the reward system. Give it only when the new player hit a certain amounts of attacks/steals/scouts/assassinations.
  2. I stopped play when the release lvl 11-20 back in September or when ever it was
  3. Right here devs, this post is the post I sent feedback about. Please come address the rampant cheating in your game outlined in this post.
  4. Just a couple of things.

    Zta and hte cost money, means devs make money. hte and zta based events are never going to end. Devs: "Let's throw all of our money away"

    Ally hide spell is great, effective osw tool why get rid of it? Unless you're salty about failing strips?

    Domo Origato Mr Roboto.

    Advertising a game with so few active players is ludicrous, the games you named have hundreds of thousands of active players using daily, Kaw has what 10k unique players?

    Forcing people to pvp that play this game to hit eb's is going to reduce your player base more.

    Increase the token to a full build or ones for each lands would be good, not a bad idea if you balls your build up or need more towers.

    Pvp eq off battle list only is meh, but I do agree that pvp eq is sub par. Maybe improve pvp eq and drop mith from battlelist and ee to buy it or something.

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  5. Great thread has my full support and add a way for building tokens to be claimed.
  6. Who knew blazey was a trump fan? Lol.
  7. @dodga

    Your criticism is welcome, but I didn't see you offer many ideas as to how to solve problems.

    Dismissing ideas without providing legitimate alternatives doesn't help anyone.

    Please post your ideas on growing the game. Thanks.
  8. Some good ideas in here.
  9. 3 rl friends of mine joined kaw about 1year ago after they seen me playing kaw all the times, they were active for just over a month and other random (bigger players) were hitting them stl and atc them,
    They questions I was getting in my pm all the times was,he is big? he is stl all my gold. What can I do? I cand put any build on my lands because they taking all my gold I can't win a single hit.
    Long story short they quit and don't play no more.
    Maybe give new players a chance to understand what this game is about, understand mechanics before farming is allowed.
    Maybe set idk like a 10mil cs cap before they can be involved in Farming.
    And also devs need to be involved a bit more in pm with new players, explain new players how to play the game, what building does what and what to do when they getting farmed, build sdt adt etc.
  10. Mods used to do a good job of that Glen. Most of the new mods don't do much except silence people.
  11. How about a currency other than gold. Like silver amd bronze.. and difficult to get, lb players will even have a hard time.
  12. Devs...if new lands come out next week.....
  13. Support all of it, perhaps new players be allowed out of purge though till they get used to game
  14. Glen there is a system on other games they used to keep new players on level playing field. All new players always sent to new kingdom so they all grow at relative stats and have fun fighting each other. I don't know if it's possible to do in KAW due to copyright infringement. Chinese own most of this games after they bought the copyright. I think what KAW can do not as new kingdom but sub kingdom where they can grow to certain stats for example you said 10 million cs. They automatically move to our main kingdom. With this system I believe chances of new players to stay the game is higher. They learn the basic of fighting and have fun with their own sizes. This can be done I like 5 tiers of kingdom also before they can join our main kingdom. Always have cap on stats. I also believe this will motivate a player to grow so can join us sooner. Just a thought
  15. Even though this would work in theory it be terrible in practice. Splitting peeps up would hurt most clans, it hurt premium ebs like zta as there be less circle users per tier and no one to guide new players. The new player tier be filled with inactive as well
  16. They have the same system as ours and events. Only different is they are safer being hit by bigger opponents they can't hit back. Many clans in main hub I'm sure will make a sub clan on lower tier kingdom and train them. Most clan in KAW are doing them having sub clans. This system only to keep them safe until they learn more about the game and learn to fight.
  17. So as an EB fairy here, I would like to give my two cents here into the situation. Although the events are in fact redundant and similar the fact is that if you can collect 2,000 items you can get 4T. Although at my size 4T isn't enough a smaller player can easily unlock 15HL 15HF lands and skip straight into abyss. This in turn gives them the satisfaction of being able to grow quickly and therefore stay in the game. Not to mention the fact that the equipment from these events is better than EB equipment so there's an incentive to try going for them. Events aren't essential to someone over 100Mcs but under that the 4T to you is always helpful and will boost your morale to keep playing. Many will argue they are sick of the events to this I say, don't bother participating in them, if you can make 4T with out the events do so, some of us like easy gold. This game yes indeed has shifted from PvP, but the pvp blitzes in the weekend bring back that old way of PvPing. As for the issues with cheaters, that is more tricky as developers need to first analyze exactly what types of said cheats are being used, and then figure out a way to implement code that will stop said cheaters. Maybe delays in between being able to self pin, but then this will just make regular players that pvp on the weekends unhappy that now they have to suffer those consequences. The game has flaws yes, but let's look at it from the developers perspective. Is it making me money ? Yes. Are some maybe 75% of the players content ? Yes. If it's not broken don't try and fix it is basically what they might be telling themselves. They don't see anything wrong with it because at the end of the day you still end up spending money to them.
  18. Vitam you have valid point. I don't complain on event. I participate on both except PVP. Can't do all three lol. The issue more about bringing new players to the game. Yes ATA still make a profit on the game. The spenders will always spend. They can't help it its just how it is. Most of us want the game last more longer. Some players leave the game so we need new players to fill them up. If more players leaving than new comers. We know where the game heading. We are here to figure some way to keep game going. Matter of cheaters will always be here. They always two steps ahead from ATA developers. As a player if you truly care about the game. Do your best judgement not to participate on this activity. If you know someone doing this. Keep finding out how this done or anyway how they bring cheat to the system. When you have enough substantial evidence I assure you ATA will be happy to banned this players. Help the game and community.