Devs: please listen carefully....

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  1. Dear Developers,

    We get it, you want and need to make money to continue developing new content for the game and to keep it alive.

    An active and spending community is what you desire. The community as a whole doesn't mind spending either, if it is a means to an end that makes sense.

    Here's what not to do:

    Release new lands/buildings too soon. The last release drove away a lot of long time players because it was too daunting of a task to bc. Many players want to enjoy ee/pvp/osw instead of scrambling to make gold 24/7.

    Complicate EE.

    Run events 24/7. We are tired of the rat race.

    Here's what to do:

    Create events that promote clan unity, not clan hopping. Give clan bonuses tied to clan based event totals.

    Release new lands/buildings after at least 700 players are bc. Give the average spender time get caught up.

    Eliminate the 24 hide ally spell. It's purpose has been exploited to keep allies hidden for months and in some cases an entire year or more.

    Pay better attention to players alerting you of inhuman activity and don't be afraid to make an example of players who play like robots.

    Advertise your game on TV. Clash of clans, fire age, mobile strike are stealing your customers. Those games suck compared to KAW. Let people know about your product.

    After each event level, have a 24 hour "purge" event that turns off all EB and automatically enters every account into a PVP event. Release the previous event rewards at the end of the "purge" event.

    Sell a $50 token at the oracle that allows you to completely change your abyssal buildings with no gold cost.

    Create a set of PVP equipment that is a tier above PVE equip. Make earning this equipment available only through hitting players that are on your battle list.

    Please keep your ears open to the community. I fear one more early land/buildings release combined with 24/7 mindless events will put the nail in the coffin for this game.

    Thanks for listening. .
  2. Advertise on TV HAHAHA u kill me

    What kinda budget u think they got over at ATA? This game is puny
  3. Need new lands now.
  4. Support execpt the 50$ thingy that should only be sold when ur bc on abyys
  5. This is why we can have nice things
  6. Support to the clan focus on events, slowdown of building releases and crackdown on botting. I know hide allies gets exploited however I fear if the people that use it for pvp take heavy losses without it then pvp will die even further. The three I listed are what I think should happen first
  7. This plus advertising would be nice. The devs have a very unique game that could have a resurgence if they put the money into it
  8. The whole point of the hide allies spell is to prevent strips. It serves no purpose to shorten or put a cool down on it. If you can't hide your allies permanently and prevent strippers from getting the names there's no point to it.

    So either get rid of it or keep it. No "shorten" or cool down".
  9. Worst post I've ever seen lmao
  10. I am 1/6 bc and i am ranked 2600.
  11. Op I see you love to post these threads. I have a suggestion if I may?

    Stop playing and make your own game and if it's still around in 7 years I'll buy it from you for 10million American. If it's not then I guess all your "great" ideas didn't pan out....
  12. I do agree with you about the events hurting clan loyalty. Although, I like to grow. Growth is too stagnated without the events. Many players do not have the luxury of sitting in a ZTA/HTE eb clan such as yourself (I know kotfe is a osw clan but they do b2b ebs that cost nobs). These events are the only thing helping newer players to "Catch up" to people like you who pay for epic battles. You had some good points, but events need to stay, or should stay.

    Its not the events that are the problem, it's the B2B ZTA/HTE EBs that accompany them.
  13. Take a drink every time rocker says Pay2win
  14. This idk about the allies spell tho but support
  15. Interesting points, Zero. Talking about TV advertising and considering Terra's reaction about budget. As an example you came with Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is made by Supercell who is owned by Tencent. And more important, they had 2billion in revenues last year. Of course they could aford to spend 400mil on marketing in 2016. As a side note, Tencent paid almost 8.5billion USD for 84% share. Actually is not a side note if I take 2016 year revenue into account. Tencent started small (same as ATA) in 2010. They was struggling and had lots of failures until 2012 when they came with Clash of Clans. ATA had an product full of potential (Kingdoms at War) in 2009. A product with way more potential than Clash of Clans. Long story short... ATA had 3 years advance over Supercell and a better product. Look where these two companies are now. ATA is still almost at a start-up level while Supercell is a multi-billion company. Conclusion? During these 7 years, ATA screwed at some point. Really bad.
  16. Where they screwed up was expanding their game selection. GaW, FC, meegos, I think there was like an android racing game or something, they were all revenue busts even though I really enjoyed some of them
  17. They friggin deleted my comments yesterday on the event post. They dont give a rats ass
  18. This is correct.

    Zero you mean well, but you have to understand management doesn't care what we think.

    They are perfectly content with sucking the money of the poor chumps left, until the game is dead.
  19. Social media gives ATA a basically free way to advertise. I just listed TV advertisements as an example. They could also advertise through other popular free apps.

    I'm not suggesting doing away with events. I'm suggesting making them more than just tap tap tap mindlessly events.

    The PVP "sword/axe/etc" could be made a permanent item available through battle list hits only. It could drop mith, silver bars, and maybe building tokens at a 1/1000 hit/drop ratio.

    The devs could also make income off of his by allowing the PVP spell to be permanently available through the oracle. This spell could also increase your drop rate and your clan's drop rate.
  20. Support mostly except the pvp thing when will ppl understand some people just cba to do PvP they just wanna hit ebs and grow... I personally dislike that style of play but if some ppl wanna do it let them be

    But at the same time I think there need to be more done on PvP in kaw