Devs, mith purchased plunder spell please =)

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  1. So, I've seen the same/similar conversation in a couple clans' CC in just the last few days. It goes something like....

    Player A: I have [insert some number] mithril...what should I do with it?
    Player B: Buy some equipment.
    Player A: What equip should I buy?
    Player C: There's no point, the promo equip is all better than mith equip.
    Player A, B, and C: Yup, mith is useless now.

    So, I've got an idea. Create a new spell (with a couple levels if you wanted) that allows folks to cast a plunder boost similar to BR but is mithril based. Nothing too crazy for %, you don't want something that dramatically changes the playing field.

    Perhaps something like 10 mith for a 10% plunder boost for 1 hour. Or maybe a second level that's 30 mith for 20% plunder boost for an hour. Make them stackable just like BR, promo bonus, EE, crux chests, etc.

    Mith would suddenly have a real use again given the cost of new lands, those that do EE and PVP would be rewarded for their hard work to date, and there would be an additional reason for others to join in EE and PVP.

    Seems like a win/win/win. Whatcha think peeps?
  2. It's not a win/win/win if devs can't make money from it.
  3. I have loads of spare mith but I still think this is a bad idea. People who war get the EE spell already which is to help compensate them for war and towers. With lowland wars people don't really need towers in order to war so the extra 25-50% extra plunder is a huge increase that they gain. I think that we are overdue some new powerful mith spells for stat boosts but I don't think plunder boosts is the right way to go.
  4. Playing devil's advocate...

    @ Kez - The one hour boost wouldn't just be plunder, it would be promo drops too, just like br and crux. That would likely be the largest benefit I could see. If it was only 1 hour, that doesn't seem like a huge game changer. *edit addition* Is there also any reason not to promote and reward the EE folks more? Yes, they get benefits....but not enough to prompt that many to participate. Would more benefits really be a bad thing?

    @ Ashton - Devs would make money if more folks were prompted to ee and pvp and in turn use more xstals...
  5. Maybe better / different mith equip.

    Purely focused on attack / defence / spy ATT / def
  6. Rewarding players that war isn't a bad thing, but it's also not needed.

    What is needed is an incentive for more people to participate in real PvP.

    Take the events for example.

    Eb you get rewards, the top tier ebs are the easiest way to get the 15k tier, if you can hit lotl/asof that's a mere 26 ebs, no xtals, no spending.

    Wars, you can get BOTH the top 15k reward AND your own special reward for top players that isn't available through PvP / ebs.

    PvP? You get two weekends, some mith (basically useless (apart from UA in strips) as has been stated) and some event items. To get 15k event from PvP you HAVE to use xtals.

    So if you look at it from a revenue point of view.

    Ebs - easiest and cheapest (as long as you can hit asof/lotl)

    Wars - time restricted, harder, but double rewards available, have to pay some

    PvP - time restricted, requires hyper activity and some spending, or ridiculous spending and average activity, terrible rewards.

    Why does it make sense that the part of events that could make the most money is the most neglected?
  7. Because the more neglected it is, the higher tier you need to reach, therefore spending more money for the devs.
  8. 5200 mith here give us some equip Devs.

    There's a problem with your idea would only take 24 people to war each day from your clan and you'd have 24 hour plunder boost each day. Isn't the ee spell enough?
  9. Might have been a misunderstanding, I'm not thinking a clan wide spell like battle cry. It would be an individual thing like casting any other mith spell. It would only count for the person who cast it so if you want the benefits, you have to go war or pvp and get mith.
  10. Yes sorry you did say like battle cry in the op I think that would be a good idea if you put it at like 200 mith for a clan spell for an hour or individual like you said.
  11. I agree there needs to be new things to spend with on, but I don't think a plunder boost is the best idea...

    I feel like the current possible 400% plunder boost combination is more than sufficient.
  12. I don't think the majority of EB fairies would spend money on xtals to war for mith to cast a 15% plunder boost for 1 hour.

    Most of them don't know how to war, and even if they did what are their chances at winning?

    I'm pretty sure they'd rather spend 59 nobs on a seal and use crux chests (which are pretty common right now)
  13. Here's a few ideas what mith can be used for;

    Extend current EE spell.
    Example: 5 mith to extend EE lvl 1 for 1 day

    Convert mith to Aqua/Inferno. The currency conversion system is pretty dated and no one uses it (5 Xtals for 1 Aqua? Lol nope)

    More Spell colors? Why not?
    Remember unlocking/exploring lands give you access to more color spells?

    Maybe more mith spells? Maybe ones that lasts 12+ hours or ones that boost just Defense/Spy Defense (PS mighty love this) or Attack/Spy Attack.

    How about asking the devs to allow stackable spells?

    That's all i got atm.
  14. I like this idea.

    Make better mith equipment or at least comparable to the current event equipment.
  15. Devs have been flooding the game with free mith handed out in ll war participation, so don't underestimate how much this could cannibalise nobility sales.

    But I totally agree that mith is almost useless and needs an effective sink. Some utility for new players wanting to fill gaps in their eq, but other than that...
  16. Just a thought.... But maybe....and I do mean maybe the devs have been flooding the market with mith because they are doing something soon(ish) each time they flood the market with gold ie black fri promo new lands are around the corner. It is possible they have new eq or spells or something planned