Devs: Concerning T6

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  1. So we all know the Abyss Lands are coming out soon.

    With them a new tier of buildings! (Damn I was closing in on BC :lol: )

    The most common 3 questions I keep seeing:

    How many HF lands do you need to open AL lands?
    You will need 15 HF lands

    How do Spyglasses work?
    It's simple. If you have one in your next land is free. You DON'T choose when to use them. Your next 1-4 lands are FREE.

    Will HF prices be slashed?
    Tis the purpose of this thread. I dont know about the average player but I sure havent made up the 37tril needed to pay for HFBC.

    I havent had time to "get enough out of it", which has been the excuse for the past two price cuts.

    Last price cut, I converted from a SH to a HLBC hansel in one day. One day BEFORE the mark where they said you could get refunds. I was furious.

    This time it's on a MUCH grander scale. I dont know about you but I miss HL upgrade prices :lol:

    Pretty much we could do a couple things.

    -All send feedback telling them not to cut prices (I dont care about "the gap". Average players make up more than LB and small players combined.)

    -Or we all can say support here and send the devs one huge list saying one big "No." Alot of push against T6 price cut may raise their eyebrows.

    @Devs A T6 price would not only piss off a nice majority of players, but look at the long run. You need to battle inflation right? Halving prices is NOT the way to do it.

    @The Averagw KaWers We've been playing this game too long to have some 1month noob come and overtake us. Im all for new players but the devs are dropping the value of all the hard work we've done.

    @The "Its For The Good of Newer Players" KaWers Please leave my thread. K thanks
  2. If i ever join a Kaw game show ill fur sure check this thread out.
  3. Definitely support
  4. I agree with most of this so support
  5. Why should we support this? You are butthurt over not getting the slashed price T5 when they went on sale for HL? Maybe if you wouldn't have exploited the game in the first place, you could've been a hfbc account by the time you started upgrading from sh. I know I'm an exploit for wars and events also, but I couldn't care less about upgrading. I hope they do cut the prices in half, and also, one of your points was if they don't slash the t6 prices, it'll make a large majority mad at them, guess what? If they do slash prices, it'll make the lb that were already hfbc mad too
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  7. Fuze talks a lot for a little gh.. Support. Spent too much on hf across accounts
  8. "If they slash prices, LB will get mad. The ones who pay ATA's bills. So we should not support"

    A bit contradicting.

    Also, Im not butthurt at all. I was SH bc my clan needed it. My bfe paid for the HL cut.
  9. support, across my accounts ive spent too much in HF, im saving up money n spending any of it until i see what happens with AL
  10. No support. The gold inflation isn't coming from the people needing to to ug more. It's from the people who are HFBC and have nothing else to do with their gold.

    Edit: The LL and HL prices were slashed so ofc they are going to keep the trend going and halve the HF prices. This is expected, it's not a surprise.
  11. It seems half of kaw complain about the ever increasing gap and the other half complain about closing that very same gap.

    Devs must read all this and laugh.

    Just a few more days until the new lands are released and kaw explodes in fury!
  12. I'd rather nubs like you not support this.

    It could hurt the cause.
  13. Nice thread ^ 
  14. Of course its expected.

    Thats why, right now; everyone with sense, needs to make it known that slashing land prices is a problem not a solution.
  15. No support. Already HFBC players worked very hard to achieved what they have now. Also it isn't fair now to give everything away just like this. KAW is a business so work for your money.

    Happy Kawing ️
  16. I hardly call getting a trill on one hte working very hard, it's possible for me to be hflc in a week if I threw a good number of seals and xtrals at the game.

    Anyways take a look at the past upgrades, the prices are slashed in half for the past two times new lands came out blame it on yourself for not being bright enough for working this out then blasting though the upgrades since they are so cheap.
  17. This is an entire thread about you whining because someone else gets it easier then you, get over it.
  18. Never thought I'd say this...but here goes! I actually agree with what Wolfie is stating...
  19. Im not hfbc

    Im wasnt hlbc durring the last price cut.

    But I still See the problem of newer players getting stats for way to cheap...

    A better Solution to help new players is to add a max plunder spell to the new player bonus pack and make the pack a permanent thing.

    If they like the game and are good at it, they wont need these stupid price cuts.

  20. Ass hb p. Taking bets on how long until he makes a thread whining. :|