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  1. Why would you make the highest tier equipment piece from this special eb series an offhand...?

    The last time you had a promo like this (The Old Man EB series), the "rare" equipment that you could acquire through the 25 nob chest, was an offhand, which I currently have equipped for anyone who wants to check.

    So... way to replace the "rare" promotional and costly equipment that you released last time you had a special eb series.

    Never wasting my time opening up your $2.50 boxes againÓźí
  2. No support, spend more money
  3. "Never".. seems legit
  4. When will people learn that there is a vicious cycle of growth in the game?

    Accept it. Your stuff will eventually be lower than some newer stuff.
  5. It's not going to stop. It's equivalent to chasing a rainbow, only there is no end.

    I spent 2+ months making top 50 war in the Thaumalite event on another account, they ended up replacing all the EQ with better EB EQ the next event series anyway. That's 60 days of doing 2-3 wars a day down the drain.

    ATA's in it for the money, whatever EQ you have maxed out using $$ or not, it'll be replaced eventually.

    The new ToW equipment? It'll be outdated soon. :lol:
  6. No support for this thread.

    You are being quite ignorant and rude, especially to the devs and the community.
  7. Just use outdated equip then