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  1. We as players and consumers of this game deserve more from the developers. As of current 90% of support tickets are met with an automated response that give you the idea that nothing was read and they just responded and closed the ticket as quickly as possible.

    In past years the developers (old devs), would put up a time line of things to come and expected dates of completion. I'd like them to bring this back as it holds them accountable and gives us the players a timeline to hopefully see some issues addressed.

    Such as,
    This month we will be fixing the troop glitch issue that's been going on entirely too long. Also you can expect better war monitoring.. etc etc

    I know before that when this was done there were tons of complaints as the devs weren't meeting their own deadlines.. but that's because there is a lack of accountability.. hey this is your job.. this is why we spend on this game... FIX IT!
  2. (My personal points etc) - Some tickets may receive the same response as others, however each ticket is looked into, no matter the response. Ive seen these responses, but with actions taken. Also, with the amount of tickets that the devs get, it provides the ability of answering more tickets quicker with these responses.

    Having a timeline of updates / fixes would be nice to see, but I feel that with the different features, legends, events etc that appear, this would get away with 1) new content being "leaked" in this timeline, which is designed to be a surprise & 2) some features / fixes being delayed due to new things appearing in its place / other fixes to complete, etc etc.

    The "troop glitch" - The last I heard about this, was that it was known to be a "feature" than anything else (but I could be wrong). It has been around for a while.
    Wars are being monitored better, with the recent war changes & how the ASW war was monitored (tickets were being responded & actions done very quickly, for a more smoother war)
  3. What I wrote was just an overall example. And the troop glitch issue I'm referring to is while warring. You will get to troop glitch and get stuck, allowing yourself to leak or get akod unwillingly.

    Also we all know events and legends are happening. I could care less about the next event or it even happening tbh. I'd rather issues be addressed that have been going on for YEARS instead of worrying about how to design the next event box. And if legends are holding back the devs from fixing issues then pause legends and fix the game to make it better. Too much money is spent from our end to help keep this game a float.. there is no reason devs cant give us a timeline of updates to come.
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  4. Troop glitch in war can cause issues if not used correctly or quickly, yes, would recommend to war with this off & put it back on after. But, there are updates & new features always coming out. There has been a few changes in how wars work, incl PS being open to eat the spy bar, which was a big issue.
  5. Gibby sometimes if you xtal and you get too much inc at start the game thinks you are “zt” even though you have 325 glitch troops left and you end up leaking 13 attacks. You cannot attack since the game will show the “crystal” screen and even restarting app doesn’t work. It gets fixed when you regen. Which is bad timing since if you just xtalled your regen is in 5 min
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  6. I understand the general idea behind copy/paste responses, but I’ve been getting same ‘we’ll pass it on to devs’ for months now. How new event pet or box looks like is in no way more important than a glitch that effects game mechanics. And nothing has changed in terms of fixing the glitch I get when I try to purchase additional ally slots. But events been coming out without a fail. First time I opened a ticket about it few months back, I actually got real reply, where I was told devs are aware and working on it. So I felt pretty optimistic about it. Now, many more tickets and copy/paste ‘we’ll pass it on to devs’ later I lost all hope of being able to bank in allies after spending considerate amount of $ during upcoming Black Fri event. I guess they don’t want my money, so be it. Plenty of businesses that do
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  7. Also, will be nice if ‘ticket has been resolved’ was an option chosen by customer. Support has a habit of closing the ticket following their copy/paste reply without actually resolving the issue
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  8. Simple one: eliminate visibility of equip that can't be enchanted based on current player's possession of aqua/inferno/mithril/etc from mage's enchant options.

    What I mean by this is that the equip I want to enchant with what I've got will show up, and equip that I can't with what I've got won't.

    Def needed option to toggle on/off but this would certainly save me some time.

    In terms of user convenience.. well it would make things more convenient. You can look at the stuff you can enchant and the stuff you want to enchant (buy/aquire materials for) separately.

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