Devil's Reject's-Spaudling Is Dead 

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  1. Tell me about it I'm so confused 
  2. I had no idea that my bro Captain Spaulding passed away he was in AOE he was in IG and a few other clans I was in great guy super great guy Fearless both verbally and physically I am very much saddened to hear that he passed going to miss you buddy miss you so much now wow that is breaking news always remember you are the devil and you were here to do the devil's work it's all about puppies and fried chicken it's all about clowns that make you laugh aren't we ******* funny if you don't have a good reason on why you don't like a clown I'm going to come back and kill your whole ******* family you said it the best bud peace
  3. Captain Spaulding was a good guy, energizing presence in both CC and in NF. Very much missed, my heart and good thoughts go to him and his family. What a terrible thing man.
  4. Another one says goodbye Kaw

    In the early war seasons (1 and 2) it was great fun and the participation in wars felt really high.

    I guess someone new came into ATA and had a great idea about events. Events took over the game. It’s a shame, the preparation and excitement of the wars was both rewarding and exhausting.

    Like many clans we (Silver) won a few more than we lost and were always reflective about what we could do better.

    The sad reality is that Kaw, now more than ever is a tap game with ATA making money from the few customers who spend a lot. I think back and am amazed at how much I spent myself but the game draws you in to reach that next target.

    To those who continue to play I wish you well and hope Kaw can deliver what you are looking for. I’ve been playing the game for over 6 years but in honesty don’t know why I continued for the last two.

    The only reasons I can give are:

    1) maybe Kaw could change

    2) to enjoy the many friendships I’ve made.

    I wish you all the very best in KaW and in RL.

  5. I knew Spaulding also and am sad to see the news
  6. Spaulding was a great guy. He's still missed
  7. Cap always loved a good bourbon. He’ll be missed
  8. Yet there is a pimd acc with his name and is very active :)
  9. On top of that deleted and blocked me when i said," huh thought you were dead" on his wall.
  10. Who would lie about passing away? That's horrible