Devil's Reject's-Spaudling Is Dead 

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  1. I have just heard after a break from the game that Captain Spaulding has passed away. Spaulding was a friend always kept CC and wc fun. He was always poking at someone. He didn't care what others thought of him and in game he was truly crazy. I'm saddened by this news that he has passed. I'm reopening this clan for those who got a laugh from Spaulding or who were friend's with Spaulding. I wish I had gotten to talk to him before he passed. I regret that I didn't get to. I will be keeping his family in my prayers as I hope all of you will as well. This game forges friendships and makes a bond that is like family. Whether it be apoc, zaft, Carnage, Monster Garage, Sucker Punch, Silver, Chaos Reborn, BWC, Undead Alliance, Mercs Landing. We have all made ties in this game. I know there are other great clans out there that I didn't mention. Some of the ones I mentioned are very old or gone. A few have been leaderboard clans in the past at #1 with there leader at #1 as well. I've played with many great players. Spaulding was among one of the nicest and most funny son of a guns out there. If you wish to join feel free. This clan was something he really did want he was excited about it centering around his name. If you knew him you're welcome here. Let him live on as a nice memory to us here on kaw.

    Come join our family.... we are just a little bit twisted... You've seen us on the big screen and seen what we do.... You know our family well.... come join us in what we do....

    Hahaha we have clowns, and crazy chicks, beer, knives, anything you want ahahaha..... poke fun at the clown before he pokes fun at you hahaha... tiny may even want to give you a deformed hug.... Otis sometimes bites so be careful..... Spaulding will sometimes bring out the van with candy but be careful.....

    Captain Spaulding, Gage, Panda, Nyx, and Gummy watch out for them they like to have a little bit to much fun killing stuff (ebs and whatever else) be warned if you join here make sure you're just a little bit crazy ahahahahaha..... An make sure you're grown... 50mill cs and up exceptions for activity.....

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    Spaulding is a noob
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    Support! Great guys, brought me back after a year out.
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    I agree idk why I can't post a clean comment though lol
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    How'd you know I'd give them a deformed hug?!? Bruh that's messed up reading the future like that but I also like knives and women.... not necessarily in that order.... But definitely not paired together 
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    Awesome clan and lol Tiny you're hilarious lol
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    Rob Zombie is pretty cool. I like his music, but the movie wasn't half bad.
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    His music is pretty awesome I really enjoyed both movies
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    Not to toot my own horn but I think I did a decent job on this thread
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    Omfg I love it!!!
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    Toot toot.
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    Nice recruiting thread 
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    Lol shhhh don't tell people I actually tooted my own horn...
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    Clan seems a bit unique. Nice thread :^)
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    Any of my old clan mates and friends about still? Come on over for a bit!!
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    Tyrant is a noob don't trust him jk