Device (Phone) only EE wars

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  1. i totally agree too about equip rewards, thats one of the things in the past that was awesome - showing off your ee bling

    pc is faster though in the types of war we do these days, ive warred on the old laptop in the past, and used puffin previous too - its a huge advantage

    but trust me im sure im not the only person who cannot carry around a laptop all day without the risk of getting the sack from work.

    point is getting participation up which will improve ee, if you dont get participation up looking at core reasons ppl stopped warring , even the best equips wont matter

    and many stopped warring because of the advantage pc gave and the "atmosphere" created
  2. Support i cant bring laptop on the road while war hhhaha
  3. Interesting. PC exclusive wars and Android/IOS only wars.

    Would be cool to see however there's not a lot of war participation to begin with if you don't count FFA wars.

    Gee i wish there was something enticing for EE wars. Like maybe some new mith equipment or some expensive mith spells.

    Either way. Support.
  4. No support .. pc layout is way easier if u want to war in general u don’t need to keep clicking in and out of clan chat just because u can only see 2 lines of text with wc and cc changing , not to mention it makes it easier for the WC/TRK . Ps1 Ll clans will become basically extinct even though No1 casts as that currently (mainly because it’s not worth the effort for the current rewards )
  5. Takes away the purpose of hansels in iwar as well as ps1 in LL. Ps1 will become dead as hybrid clans will 99% win if equal speed ps1 vs hybrid. As well hansels in iwar. The only advantage hansels have over ps is the ability to take away an enemy top threat troops by ~10-15%. Also takes away the ability for true 50/50 builds to have any impact as they can plunder down fast and sko. If all people are the same speed than it doesn’t really take skill to sko at all anymore rather than pure luck. Oh damn I skoed this time because I got lucky. Oh deng I lost us the war because it was up to luck. Taking out speed makes wars overall less skill expressive.
  6. Support. More challenging to sko using a device
  7. Support but some good points against.

  8. Support. At the rate wars are going, if something doesnt get participation up, none of this will matter. What ee needs more than anything is more people casting.
  9. No support, go buy a laptop. Emulators will be used and then more tears.
  10. No offence, but you only war during asw. There are a lot of issues with wars but whether one plays from phone or pc is not one of them. Personally, i enjoy PC for speed and it introduced me to a totlly new dynamic of warring which actually made me enjoy KaW a lot more! I like the direction warring is going, regarding KA wars. Honestly for even people that track in wars, it would make it so difficult.
  11. Ahhh the days of tracking via pen and paper then typing it into cc. Brings back memories of estoic trials and s1&2. That tracking took some skill.
  12. Actually no, we had amazing trackers who didnt need a pc to track for years. Who were spot on. Who could track classic/advantage/random with no pc

    Can really tell those who have only warred EE while its been declining
  13. When EE first came out (4hrs ) i remember us using that certain 3rd party app and we used to paste the name of someone out into a room then copy and paste it into cc when due up lol

    also dont forget AC was great for using to track too haha
  14. Fun fact I track 100% of the wars I'm in using pen and paper and majority of them no one else is tracking and I have to type it out
    Get on my old school level noobs.
  15. I’ll make the point I always make in threads talking about pc players having an unfair advantage, especially since op mentioned the early days.

    Yes ppl frown upon those that war on device because of speed issues. But it’s not as if pc advantage didn’t exist in the early days or that no one used auto clickers back then and now that’s changed.

    Rather what’s changed is the format and the builds in wars. In the early days it wasn’t playing from a device that was frowned upon, it was warring with no towers or as a hansel (not gh/sh but a full build). Now that’s common.

    Devs changed the format of wars starting with primal continuing into ll where diving was often a better strategy than tanking and hansels were a much better build (mostly due to taking away ally bonus from attacks).

    This made speed the most important factor in wars, because it became a race as to who could dive fastest and span fastest. That wasn’t the case in the early wars where tanking was at a premium. Sure speed helped back then but it wasn’t what won or lost u the war.

    Related to op thread, device only wars would seem more like a bandaid than a real solution. It would be better to find a format where speed simply mattered less.
  16. Dweebs.. I Been warring on the same iPad mini since s3 like a boss
  17. Support. Nice idea. Anything to breath fresh life and participation into this game...
  18. Support, would love to see only device wars
  19. Honestly you are right gol. Sometimes pc isnt an advantage if you are not diving. Especially tanking, pc warring is a disadvantage as nf is slow. Its just a bandaid as you put it, especially in Indi and KA wars is where they will lose out on most. Plus there are jailbroken phones where you can customize and go just as fast as pc. There will be tears whatever you do lol. Welcome to KaW lmao.
  20. So now you are insulting people that actually still try and war lmao? Thats jokes. I still manually track but off pc. If you bothered to cast you would know. ;)

    People saying that all these people USED to do it, but when asked upon, does anyone actually bother? No. Honestly lol its just a way of crying.

    I have taken part in wars on this game for 5+ years on and off. Not saying I am a pro by any means but I think its fair that I can have an opinion.