Device Delinking and Account Management

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  1. I get the problems on all my devices : Unable to retrieve the Device, Pleas try again later.

    anyone can help?
  2. UPDATE2:

    We've taken the delinking system offline temporarily as we are working to make this more intuitive for everyone.
    If you are not able to delink your devices right now, this is why.
    We should be getting the updated system online in the near future. We'll update here when it's out.
  3. Ok thanks cuz I was like wth and kaw_admin won't say hi to me
  4. Its not fair...why this delinking only works on iOS not on Android???? :mad:
  5. Login failed And log in Is disabled......but I only used 3 I devices
  6. come on devs release thus for the Android plz.
  7. hi devs
    Iv got an old phone that i war with which lags very bad every time i war, so just wandering if i can transfer and swap accounts between my devices without losing any of my alts? plz get back to me asap
  8. Ugh my alt got locked out during this time where I couldn't see what devices were linked, and now my poor alt cannot grow. Will there be a remedy to this?
  9. When will this be available again?
  10. Eg: a swap button between devices but only can swap once in 24h time frame?
  11. When for android?
  12. Is there any way I can recover my other account that I lost when I linked this one to my PC
  13. Wait until the unlinking system is back online, and unlink the account off from pc. Then make a separate PC account (no stat alt), and link your account to that PC account. That way you can access your one account from iDevice and or Android/kindle, AND PC. And still have a separate PC account. =)
  14. So tried to link my ipad account to my ATA log in. Now i ended up with my iphone and ipad having the same(iphone) account. Where did my ipad account go? Did it ******* disapear?
  15. Slayer answer pls :)
  16. Sorry for slow reply mate. You're just going to have to wait until the linking system to go back online aswell. When it comes back online, you'll have to unlink the account off of the iPad or iPhone, whichever you want on what.
  17. I can't wait for this to happen for android devices
  18. So got a new phone same Google account because I broke my phone just asking can you like my old account akrid to this phone for me or should I just continue with starting over
  19. Icy, if your account was linked to an ATA account, or Facebook account, just link your current account to that. If your old account isn't linked to anything, email they maybe able to help.
  20. What if it says unable to retrieve Device info please try again later