Device Delinking and Account Management

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  1. If it has an ATA ID, just enter the ID and password on the create a new account screen after you select "already have an account"
  2. This is my story: 6 months ago I bought a new iphone. Well, I thought that with the new ata thing all would be simple to transfer this acc to the new iphone. I tried and: "blabla locked for 6 months blabla too much devices blabla". Frustrating because I've always played only with a device (an old 3gs iphone) but after few mails with devs they're explaining me the update thing n so on, n they told me "we cant unlock your acc"...ok... I wait 6 months using 2 cells, 1 for life 1 for kaw...
    And now here we are, my acc is finally unlocked! so, try to connect my iphone 5 with ata and.... nothing again. why? I check "setting" in the old one n it says "blabla you have to unlink 1370 devices to connect a new one blabla", what?? 1300 what??
    well, let's email once again devs... they: "we cant unlink your device, keep playing with your old ones and try the factory reset".. (starting to piss off).. well, try the reset then.. boom, my old iphone is gone, thx devs ;) ..but keep calm n go on, lets mail devs again... they: "we cant unlock you", unlock what? joking?
    I wanna know why they cant fix something they've done. I cant think that they cant unlink those fake devices that ata update has created.
  3. They don't care they won't help you.. They are known for poor customer service
  4. Yep u right. They didnt answer to my last email.
  5. I am in the Same exact problem I quit playing for about a year or so now.... I come back to playing well my phone dies on me so have to get a new phone well this new system was implemented while i was not playing anymore so i try to upgrade to new device well i cant shows i have 652 days before can... So this is Poor Service from game that has been here for so long to not help and keep there customers have played for so long and looking to try come back to play................... :evil:
  6. Is there a way to do it from Computer
  7. I'm meganky1516 haha I'm not dead
  8. Hehe I played this when I was in 8gh grade,and i last decmber played for 3 yrs now
  9. Wednesday, the devs did a similaR thing for me.. Giving me these idiotic explanations as to why they could not delink my device from an old account, when they had stated in previous emails that they COULD delink the account for my situation..

    I attempted to ask why their reasoning had changed, and got no answer..

    Tried to use a different email (several times) to get the answer I was looking for (because the guy I was being served by was not being even remotely helpful), but after the first reply, the emails went back to the same devs copy and paste response.. -_-
  10. Kaw is lucky kids play this game and I'm a kid that lives in a town that has not many jobs so cut me some slack
  11. I'm megank1515 so I'm bck :)
  12. What if u have to share ur computer and u dont want ur sibling messing ur main acc up?
  13. I use Googleplay haha I broke 2 tablets my acc on my 2nd tablet is megank1516
    My power button,fell of my 2nd tablet
  14. Every household may only have one account that is on PC KaW. That is unless the accounts are linked to an iDevice/Android. This meaning if you don't have any smart phones/iDevices/Kindles etc that can be linked to PC KaW, and only have a PC (regardless of having multiple PCs) only one member of your house may have a KaW account.

    Hope you understand that. Anyway,

  15. That was a question thanks
  16. My acc megank1516 was on a tablet that had the power button off on kaw I use the same email for every device I had I can't remember the password though
  17. I broke 2 tablets wow
  18. Both accs are dead right