Device Delinking and Account Management

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  1. It was my middle finger
  2. My brain must be scrambled from playing too much kaw.
  3. I need to disconnect my iPad from this account. When will disconnections be available again?
  4. To be sure I can still use my kindle fire at home and my phone at work? Does that count as switching between devices? 5 times an im locked out?
  5. i give a wrong E-Mail adress. We can change Passwort, but not E-Mail adress.

    what is to do now?

    support ata is informated.
  6. I cant seem to link my kaw acount with my facebook, any hellp will be apreciated
  7. What device are you using?
  8. Whatever stupid you can't switch between accounts on one phone it's not really cheating or anything just making an alt like so many other games you can do it in maybe i want one Hansel account and one attack account. All your dumb updates are making me slowly dislike kaw a little more everyday
  9. I using HTC G2
  10. if i factory reset my ios device and install kaw back ...would it be considered a new device link to my device limit?
  11. Ty devs for putting this online.
  12. playing kaw on pc hv a choice of selecting account. why is it so? 
  13. Hi Devs, I have 2 accounts (lucius_Cornelius linked on Ipad) and my other General_Maximus its my main account on my Iphone wich was connected true Facebook. Now I have linked my small account Lucius also with facebook and now it seems i cant log to my General_Maximus account.

    I used a ipad with Lucius and with a Iphone Maximus but when I linked to facebook I get only the account of Lucius_Cornelius. How can i restore my main General_Maximus due facebook?

    Please help, because I want to play with my Main.. I am playing serveral years with that one.
  14. Thanx the support have helped me! I can acces both accounts! Many thanx
  15. Can I transfer my account from my old iTunes to my new iTunes account, if so how?
  16. Email and see if they can help you out with this bro
  17. Cheers avatar email sent
  18. Good luck
  19. Accidentally delinked my account. I can't gain access to it at all. Is there any way that I can gain access to it again