Device Delinking and Account Management

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  1. Hey everyone,

    It’s now possible to see which devices are linked to your account and that you can delink them! This feature was added so you can clean off old devices from your account. This, in combination with restoring your account via ATA ID or Facebook, means account transfers are now fully in your hands.

    How to View and Delink Devices

    Currently this functionality is only available to Kaw and PIMD accounts and other ATA games in the near future.

    • Go to Settings (top left corner of the main page)
    • Scroll down the page and you should start seeing all the devices linked to your account:
    • Simply hit the Disconnect button for the device you want delinked

    What are all these devices?!

    You may see more devices than you have actually linked to your account Do not be alarmed, you can safely remove these extra devices without affecting your account.

    Some things that can lead to a new device being added:

    • Factory resetting your device
    • Deleting all of your ATA apps at once and reinstalling them

    Spoofing your mac address or causing a new one to be created for your device will add a 'new' device, however this device does not count toward your total device limit.


    To prevent account abuse, there are limitations on the use of this system.

    If your account or device hits any of the thresholds below, it will be locked out:
    • Total devices concurrently linked to a single account (5 devices max)
    • Total new devices added over the course of a year (5 devices max)
    • Total accounts recently accessed by a single device (5 accounts max)
    • Switching accounts between devices repeatedly (5 device swap max)
      • Factory resetting counts towards concurrent and new devices limit
      • iOS only - Deleting all ATA apps and reinstalling counts towards concurrent and new devices limit

    If you reach the limits described above, your account or device will be locked out by the system.

    If your account is locked out by the system, we are unable to manually remove this lock. You will have to wait for the lock to automatically expire (this time frame can vary).

    We are reviewing these thresholds and may make changes to them as feel is necessary.
    Currently: You can only link up to 5 devices a year and the counter decays at a rate of 1 per 6 months.

    What happens when your device or account is locked out:

    • If you device is locked out, you will be able to access the last account that was on it.
    • If you account is locked out, you will be able to access it on the last device it was on.
    • You can still play using your ATA ID/Facebook via PC at
    • You can still play on any of your older devices you had linked previously, if they are still linked.
    • You will not be able to add your account to anymore devices, and if you have factory reset you will not be able to regain access to your account, (as a factory reset counts against the device limit)

    Again, as a reminder you can only link up to 5 devices a year and the counter decays at a rate of 1 per year.

    Does this mean I can play two accounts on one phone?

    No. The rule of only one account per device is still in place.
    If you switch between accounts repeatedly, your accounts will automatically be locked out by the system.
    See the limitations section for more information.

    I accidentally delinked the device I'm using right now!

    In order to delink the device you are currently on (ie - trying to delink accounts on), you will be prompted with a confirmation popup.

    If you disconnect your current device that you are logged in on, you will be taken back to the username and account recovery screen, where you can use your ATA ID or Facebook to log into your account. Please note that if you have exceeded your transfer limit as listed in the Limitations section, disconnecting your current device will lock you out of the game.

    If you have any questions about this, please post them in this thread and we’ll update with more information as needed.


    For the X/5 device situations, it seems to be related to spoofing your mac address.
    Every time you cause a new mac address to be created for your device, it's going to add a 'new' device.
    This DOES NOT count towards your device limits, so nothing to fear there.
    We should be able to better address this when the iOS6 release is out, as the issue is related to how iOS4/5 handles device identifiers.

    Thank you to everyone who emailed us about this, we now have enough data on this and don't require any additional emails about it.


    We've taken the delinking system offline temporarily as we are working to make this more intuitive for everyone.
    If you are not able to delink your devices right now, this is why.
    We should be getting the updated system online in the near future. We'll update here when it's out.

    UPDATE 3:

    Device delinking is now available again.
  2. Too many "cans" in first paragraph
  3. Wow this is great, will probably prevent a lot of emails over time as well ;) Thanks devs.
  4. Very nice update devs, thanks!

    Ps. I know you probably wanted to do this so you guys couldn't be blamed for transferring issues ;)
  5. That's awesome.. But I have an issue. I have 6/5 accounts apparently. [​IMG]
    I have an old iPod linked to my device. How could I decide which one that is?
    Also the same with an old android. I can't go by the dates on them
  6. I love you devs. No homo.
  7. "Feature only available to iOS currently". Do not fear, my brothers of Android devices! We still have a dynamic scout view of other kingdoms!
  8. Also I notice it says I have it on 3 idevices including my current device. Which actually allows me to see my old iPod. But I've only ever had 2 idevices connected. This iPhone which is new, and my old iPod. Other androids make sense.
  9. Pretty quick fix there devs :)
  10. Read the "What are all these devices???" Section.
  11. I've also just noticed that my pc is missing.. So I'm going to assume the idevice from 10 hours ago is actually my pc..
  12. I'm confused as to what you mean by,
  13. @lllll__BLACKUNICORN__lllll

    The 3 idevices is showing up because one of your 2 actual devices is still being tracked with the old way of handling devices, which is why you're at 6/5.
    To unlink your old droid or ipod, you could either not log in on either of those for a day, and then you'd be able to tell using the time stamp which ones they are.
    Or, you could delink the ones you suspect and then re-log back into only the devices you wanted linked using your ATA ID or Facebook for your account.

    PC log ins are not tracked with this system, they'll never show up as a 'device' that you can unlink with the current system.
  14. Also, you said "This feature will be rolled out to Android devices in the near future as well. " right before the "How to View and Delink" Section, then in the first paragraph said the exact same thing in second sentence.

    Sorry to point out such small details :geek:
  15. This is talking about the number of accounts that were linked to a single device.
    We allow some wiggle room (up to 5 devices), so you can move your account and generally self transfer.
    But if we see 5 accounts on that one device fairly recently together, it is a strong indication of trying to play multiple accounts on the same device.

    You are still only allowed to play one account per device, we're just letting you move things around a little in case you get a new phone etc.
  16. Thanks for the edits, I've fixed the post to be more clear ;)
  17. Thank you, now my inner grammar nazi can shut up :D Very clear :!:
  18. i have 11/5 showing on mine. i used to have this account linked to an older idevice. linked it to this new one, then factory reset the other device so i could make a new account. what steps should i take to fix it?
  19. I have sent an email to the support. Thanks for your response, however that just confuses me even more. I've only ever owned 2 idevices, and 2 androids. 4 idevices are showing on my screenshot provided. The one from 10 hours ago matches my pc use. I think I was on my kaw account on my pc at that time
  20. Just logged in from my old ipod(with a cracked screen :/) and that device says I have 7/5. Which previously said 6/5
    I'm starting to think this system isn't quite working :/ I guess I'll hang on a bit and clear up some devices later when things become more clear