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  1. Hello kaw, another message from the Grave.

    The developers have been getting a lot of flak recently , and I thought it would be a good time to remind the community of all the developers have done , escpecially in the last two years for the community.

    My first point: the charms cap, we were asking for awhile and developers listened after monitoring and confirming for themselves our fears of invincible accounts coming to kaw, and prevented that.

    My second point: fatesands lands , they did this very well, allowing smaller players to grow much faster than ever before , without taking away incentives to be active and spend for bigger players.

    Third point; the four towers team event , although it didnt involve pvp as well as it could've the four towers event was creative and entertaining, forced increased activity and intense teamwork not seen anywhere outside of EE and OSW

    I could name many more but that's why you are here

    So guys and girls, all i ask of you today is to name something the developers have done in the last few years that you've really liked and why.

    this is my prior warning too players to not derail this thread MODERATORS: if a players reply doesn't fall under both "developer" and "appreciation "
    Please remove it .

    ... go find another corner to cry in
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  2. Where are the fatesands attached to which lands?
  3. There was already invincible accounts without the charm cap in KaW.
  4. Everyday a premium EB clan is running premium EBs is dev appreciation day.
  5. I enjoy this game and think the devs do a great job. They also take an incredible amount of criticism which I do not entirely understand. This is a game after all, and not life or death.

    At any rate, thank you ATA; I appreciate you!
  6. Devs for this game have got to be the worst anyone who games have come across. So many issues/bugs, "help" tickets are next to useless, and I'm pretty sure they pull rules out their arse as they go along.
    So nah. No support.

  7. How many developers actively engage with players in global/world/server chats ? How many switch up what they do in weekly events at all?
    How many have run 10 years without as much as banner ads, let alone unskippable full screen ads.

    How many spotlight players who put real effort in to help other players?

    How many dev teams send someone for damage control and Q&A when things go wrong ?

    How many dev teams do this after getting years of hate from and ungrateful playerbase that ends up crying every time things dont go exactly the way they personally want it too ?
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  8. suck suck smooch smooch
  9. Dam now forums is ridiculous to use just like heckfire forums. Was way better before now I actually gotta use my brain to navigate it...

    I give y'all a big fat.. F

    it's a grade not going to add a U or anything!😂
  10. I agree the old forum functioned 100% better it is awful to navigate now
  11. #freegimp