Design Your Own Country

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  1. United states of Canada

    After realizing that the south half of America is filled with ****** loving, mc donald's eating, gun toting rednecks the north half of USA (execpt for Alaska) and California, Florida and Hawaii join Canada as a country (the other is named Jesus land which Quebec joins later but then decides to merge with France after Quebec citizens are laughed at for their accents)
    (Alberta is dropped as a province and merges with Jesusland due to common gun interests)
    Type of government: representative socialism

    Leader: definitely not Stephen Harper

    Political standpoint: invest into free university and improving education overall causing it to be the educational hub of the modern world with 73% of the population holding university degrees
  2. After realizing that the United States of Canada is actually an oppressive socialist abomination that has terrible schools, the United States of the Gulf Coast radios information to rebels in Florida which was conquered, and the people of the USC learn of freedom and capitalism, and take up arms against the oppressive government, and Florida, Hawaii and Southern California join up with the USGC. They learn that the USGC has some of the greatest schools in the world, has an extremely low obesity rate, and has the lowest percentage of inbred populations in the western and northern hemisphere.
  3. Plot twist: Stephen Harper stages a succesful coup d'etat
  4. [​IMG]

    Country Name Λοκροί Ἐπιζεφύριοι
    Leader(s): Lucretius and the council of Seven
    Government type: totalitarian commonwealth
    Location:modern day Europe
    Assets (optional): multiple moons and colonization of Mars and the Earth's Moon.
    Political Standpoint: We give generously
    when others are in need, but guard out technological secrets closely because lesser humans/ institutions would use them for nefarious purposes and not for peaceful means.