Design Your Own Country

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  1. Green land is in the northern hemisphere . Antarctica is way down at the South Pole.you need to take a geography class.
  2. Sorry sounds Boring. How about design your own woman? 
  3. Nipplelopolis
    Yours Truly, Kim Jong Nipple and my Queen Shinequa
    Pen Island
    We have an abundance of lima beans
    We're pretty chill with switzerland, but we are kind of hated by china, russia and the us.
  4. There will be no country.
    There will be only be one dictator.
    There will be no political policy besides, "do what I say and do it now."
    I will shrink the world's population.
    There will be no currency, you work for the benefit of Ten. You will be supplied with everything you need.(Food, clothes, and a home.)

    Earth will be renamed to Ten.

    Hail The New Order!
  5. Name. Loafsterdam
    Leader. Larry the loafer
    Government. Totalitarian
    Location. Parts unknown
    Assets. Loose women and weed
  6. My country's name is Hyrule, and here we believe in the Triforce. I am the Triforce of Power, Seth is the Triforce of Wisdom, AJ is the Triforce of Courage, and saltyfeet is the little Triforce in the middle, called The Triforce of Annoyingness. As such, every Triforce except for that dreaded Annoyingness Triforce rules Hyrule as a dictatorship. It's location is in a magical place known as North Korea.
  7. Even Greater Britain
    Me, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage as leaders.
    Location: Great Britain
    Other countries love us (apart from Kazakstan)

    We become a police state that spies on everyone, and we test medical products on criminals instead of animals.
  8. No support
  9. /lock

    Take something serious for once  ugh
  10. You came to forums expecting seriousness?
  11. I support the no support of no support.

    Also id like to migrate to Murca seen on pg1
  12. Country Name: Murcanada
    Location: US and Canada
    Leader: only the best Kimmy J
    Type of government: Representative Democracy
    Reputation: People love them because of how nice they are, and never mess with them
  14. Also, there is no such thing as a post ww3 nation. Nothing will be left :)
  15. Ganada
    Government type: Constitutional Monarchy with limited voting rights

    Stupid people can't vote

    All drugs are legal

    We smuggle drugs secretly into neighbouring countries to make tax revenues. 100% of drug money goes to gov

    There is 1% corporate tax rate so companies move to our country to save money, and we make extra taxes off them.
  17. ..
  18. Sethosaurus, is it okay if I steal your idea for a thread but change it slightly?
  19. Go for it