Design Your Own Country

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  1. Recently passed 3k posts and I wanted to kick of this next thousand with something interesting. Let's design countries :)

    A few things to include!

    Country Name (Please keep it political, no stupid names. Only salty can be stupid)
    Government type
    Assets (optional)
    Political Standpoint
    (Do other countries see your country as super rad or super rude?)

    I'll start :)

    The North American Republic

    The North American Republic has one primary Leader (Jared Stewart) and a 12 man/woman appointed council (President appoints council), giving the NAR a sort of Democratic Republic style governing system. The NAR is a post WW3 nation, controlling most of North America. Each council member is the president of a district. The council members have complete control over their own district, and interact with others regularly. When needed, the council assembles together to discuss important political matters (War, treaties, etc). The NAR is primarily a political country and doesn't rely on a militia for defense (however there is a military, just is case ;)Youre going down AJ)
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  4. Country Name: Murica
    Location: America including Canada and Mexico.
    Leader: Obama
    Type of government: Communism
    Note: Muruca bans meat, alcohol and the use of modern technology
  5. Country: democratic republic of Antarctica
    Leaders: Me and saltyfeet (he would be wearing a collar and would be my foot rest)
    Leadership style: dictatorship
    Location: Greenland
    Assets: as big as kim Kardashians booty
    Coolness: we are super cool persons

    We grow a lot of weed
  6. Country: Kingdom of Fairies
    President: Osama Bin Barack
    Type: Anarchism
    Countries: HTE
    Note: hi cella
  7. Country Name: Soviet Russia
    Leader(s) Vladimir Putin
    Government type; Communist
    Location: Russia
    Assets: Everything is backwards
    Political Standpoint: in Soviet Russia politics stands on you!
  8. Country: Democratic People of North Korea
    Location: All of Korea (They think, same with S. Korea)
    Government: Single Party Democracy
    Assets: They have nuclear missiles, and will threaten to use them.
    Notes: They supply our grocery stores with fake grapefruit.

    Oh wait a minute, I was supposed to design one?
  10. You do realise Antarctica isn't anywhere near Greenland :lol:
  11. This is american geography classes for you, they don't even know where Canada is.
  12. Country Name: trollland
    Leaders: me and saltfeet
    Government type: laissez-faire
    Location: Pacific Ocean
    Assets: our own langauge
    Political Standpoint: we are against education
  13. I hate to be "That Guy" but you have a typo in your original post. Its after the assets, you spelt optional incorrectly.

    But other than that good thread, I would make a country but I am not creative.
  14. Are you talking about U.S. North District? 
  15. S101
    Isolated,located in the middle of Pacific ocean. Alien colony. Saltyfeet top dawg. Obama administrator. Slave labor (clones of val).
  16. Woops! Thanks!

    Grats on 2k
  17. In our defense, while it's true there are many Americans who only learn geography when we blow some place up, there are also plenty of Americans who know where Canada and other countries are. In case we have to blow them up too.
  18. I thought Greenland was a country in Antarctica
  19. Country name: The Republic of Dave
    In history: It is after the events of "Fallout; New Vegas"
    The leadet is a Dave(I am a Dave)
    You may vote for any Dave in the republic ( i am the only Dave)
    The elected Dave has supreme authority
    Other countries dont know we exist as most of the planet is dead
  20. Country:

    United States of the Gulf Coast.

    Capital- Liberty City. Located in 250 miles east of New Orleans.

    Location- Basically the territory of the Confederacy in the Civil War, plus Cuba and several trade outposts in Afica, Asia, and the Carribean.

    Founder- the governors of Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and several Cuban generals. Banded together to leave the US after it became a socialist dictatorship. The first president is Bob Joeseph (couldn't think of any one)

    Government- Most power belongs to the states. Federal government is extremely limited. Constitutional Democratic Capitalistic Republic.

    Assets- Oil, cotton, peaches, oranges, alligator, food, basically whatever the current states produce.

    Relations- Allied with US. Not members of UN. Did not sign Geneva, but still follows the rules unless they are broken first. Allies with UK, France, Israel, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Germany. They are respected and friendly, but everyone understands that they will not be destroyed because they didn't fight back. They have the larges military in the world, with weapons powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Russia, China, North Korea (but let's face it, France could take them in a ), all combined. They love peace, but they aren't weak. Are members of NATO. Has a space station.