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  1. So.. I'm all but fed up with the vague and non-existent information provided in this game.

    Example- Now and then there are items for sale for a limited time but there's almost never a detailed description as to what on Earth they do. Right now there's "Scroll of River's Edge" which supposedly "Stacks with Fate's Boon" -whatever that means-. Seriously, what DOES that mean? Does purchasing this item instigate some sort of action? Is it required for some specific event or reward? ... This is just one example of dozens of features that NEED to be explained! Searching the forums for details on anything specific is frustrating, time consuming and almost never successful.
    Once upon a time this game was simple and straightforward. It didn't matter that there wasn't much by way of instruction because it didn't take long to catch on, but that is not the case anymore! Whenever new features are released, they're usually accompanied by a post explaining all the changes made which is helpful only for a short time following each feature update. A week later, there's no way for new or returning players to know what they are dealing with except maybe through trial and error because there is no functional in-game information and searching the forum is a joke.
    I'm quite sure this is the epitome of LAZY development. Please do something about your game!
  2. Despite the wall of text, you bring up a very good point and I entirely agree. I think a “More info” or “Description” drop down under each item would go a long way.
  3. Support. As an old player coming back I had no clue what half the new stuff was. There could at least be a forum index with detailed description of what special items do what.
  4. Tldr version please?
  5. Tbh there are some things that need more details but in all honesty if you pay attention and read the event forums you can learn a lot.
    So half support
  6. Feel free to ask a moderator or clanmates for help.
  7. Thanks for the support. Even the thread stating "Post KaW related questions here" barely has any responses to the thousands of questions that people have posted. That should be indication enough of what this game is lacking and the changes necessary to keep people active. It's no wonder there's more people leaving than staying when there's no reliable resources for information on so many aspects of the game.
  8. You can always pm me again