Demanding Max Charm Payments.

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  1. I consider myself an active trader and when I give people prices I don't expect a max charm payment. Now I may give a mixed price and a max price on an item and leave it up to the buyer to decide.

    I have run across a few traders that will demand max charm payments on items already priced pretty high. I dont really do business with them because I'm not a fan of paying a 20% tax on an item but that's just me.

    This post is pretty much to let all of you players who are new to trading that your max charms can be sold at 1.2x face value. If a guy demands max charms factor in the 20% and see if it's still worth it to you and if not take your business to a trader like myself who does not impose a 20% sales tax on you.

    In closing if you are new to trading there is a basic guide in forums on pricing of course there are factors that move prices higher or lower(new item,rarity,demand, etc) or you can just follow me and I'll send it to your pm.

  2. I've dealt with MAGA numerous times. Fair trader.
  3. I totally support this, i'm not seen as much of a trader because i don't do it, tho i understand every part of trading i just don't bother with it.

    Any trading i do happen to do is with Maga
  4. maga is one of my favorites to trade with, give this man some love
  5. i dont know what this means
  6. I thought this was a war game? All these years and I was wrong I guess ;)
  7. I was unaware of this, thank you!
  8. Every good war needs reliable arms dealers @huma 
  9. That's true 

  10. No support. Charms halfway nerfed so charms should be worth less and market on other furniture should correct itself in that way.
  11. Don't see the need for charms tbh,only one EE war that they are counted in ,just the need to collect for some is my best guess
  12. We gotta charge them the 20% tax its trumps new law
  13. Selling maxed icetails 12b each and selling airgead charm for 30b hmu
  14. Osw?