Deepmine token exploit and fixes discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jstrong58, Jun 22, 2019.

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  1. Dave this thread is on topic and it hasn’t been answered. It’s a discussion thread and it will only be answered when Winston fixes this problem.
  2. Dave unlocked the thread and apologised. Give him some slack... Mods are volunteers and these last few days have been a lot of work for ATA staff and the mods. I get players are desperate for a fix but trust me so are the mods. As soon as this is fixed the stress on us goes down too. It's as if players can't understand that others are feeling similar things.
  3. Next thread about these should be from Winston, rest should be locked
  4. Updates: We have been working over the weekend on this issue and it's very complex. Here's roughly where we're at:

    Level 0 - Player did not buy anything illegitimately
    Level 1 - Players bought aqua, inferno, or crestplates but did not spend any of them
    Level 2 - Players spent aqua/inferno/crestplates
    Level 3 - Players spent crestplates, and razed buildings to make gold
    Level 4 - Players spent crestplates, razed buildings to make gold, bought bars
    Level 5 - Players spent crestplates, razed buildings to make gold, bought allies
    Level 6 - Players spent crestplates, razed buildings to make gold, bought fatesands

    Currently, levels 1-5 have been dealt with. We've unbanned a select number of players who we've been able to reclaim everything from. We're still looking into seeing what we can reclaim properly from the last level and will unban on a case by case basis.

    I do apologize for the lengthy lock of tearing down buildings and not being able to buy crestplates. I tried to put crestplates back in the store on Friday but unfortunately there is still an issue on one of our clients.

    Notice someone who cheated but doesn't appear to have any action taken against them? Report them to support!
  5. Thanks
  6. God dam good excuse to loose players kaw will loose money!!! So dumb unlock the dam building please
  7. Read the forum, unlocking buildings would make this problem harder to solve
  8. Don't worry about my acct keep it banned as long as u don't steal the money I have spent this month on it. I took 20mins of fun, your stealing real money.from looks of my acct I already took more from it then I gained in those 20mins. Stats are normal, vollied gold taken back, and u dropped all allies. What more is there to look at?
  9. Thank you for the update, Winston
  10. Report them to support? I thought you knew who had cheated.
    As a matter of fact, there was a response from a mod or an ata member who said all of the players who had bought crestplates were on a different version of kaw.

    So you DON’T know who bought crestplates when the glitch happened? Or to be specific, you don’t know who bought crestplates and fit into level 6 category!
  11. It was winston. Page 7 in thread clarity over crestplate abuse.
  12. in the same message they said they were hoping for crestplates to be returned to the store same day, pfffft :lol:
  13. Go outside and get some fresh air will you? People these days got it easy. When the game first started. You could only grow by hitting others, as that was your primary gold source.
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  14. They were returned that day until the ATA team found another issue so they removed them to make sure the issue was 100% fixed. That's my understanding of why they were removed again.
  15. There was another issue. I reported it as did others. As of now I have 200 osman plates in my inventory unused because of the glitch, I’ve requested they be taken away, if they’re still there in a week I’ll use them
  16. I didn’t mean to come off rude. I really appreciated it being unlocked
  17. This is why I made this thread. Please keep us updated with information like this that will keep the community involved with understanding where the situation is at.
  18. behave nub
  19. This last paragraph makes me worried. When devs asking for help from the community to report anyone who cheated that they might not noticed. If there is chance someone holding a lot of plates that are not caught by devs then we are screwed. This could become a huge bank for someone or someone can make BC account later on and sell the account on third party app. I hope devs will make sure to catch everyone before opening buildings again.
  20. Whatever the issue was/is, if the devs poorly thought out design had an exploit, it’s hardly ok to be banning accounts for using said exploit. If this POS wasn’t so geared at pay to play, devs would be issuing achievement badges to exploiters for alerting them to some piss weak design implementation.

    Cheating and such isn’t cool, and I don’t condone it, but if your going to release an update that isn’t foolproof, well, people will make hay while the sun shines.

    I can’t say if reinstatement is the right call, but it would go some way to putting ownership of this debacle firmly back onto the ppl responsible for putting it out there in the 1st place.

    Lastly, if people have stumped up cash to achieve whatever this glitch was and got banned, there might be more heard about this via the App Store, google play etc.

    Thanks for reading.
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