Deepmine Token Costs

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  1. Deepmine Token Costs

    With the addition of Deepmine (DM) tokens, I was curious what the total token cost is and the conversion rate at the different levels. I finally saved up enough DM tokens for a level 9 upgrade and can report a full set of data now. I view the addition of DM tokens as a nice improvement to the sustainability of the game – providing another path to meaningfully grow instead of waiting months / years to save up enough gold.

    Below is a breakdown of the DM token cost per level of upgrade. Each level 10 parcel costs either 694T in gold or 4,150 DM tokens. As expected, the marginal benefit drops the higher the upgrade.

    Full data is below:

    Hope this fills in some gaps and helps some determine their DM build strategy. I for one am using gold to build to level 4, then tokens for the rest. Even though the marginal token benefit is the highest at the low levels, I am still using gold for this purpose since these levels are still ‘affordable’ with a reasonable build rate of a level 4 upgrade every 2-3 weeks or so. Saving all my sb bars for the inevitable next lands.
  2. Thanks a lot for making this ! Very helpful
  3. Thanks Rada! :)
  4. Shouldn’t it be gold per token (in billions)?
  5. Great information
  6. Thanks. That's a lot a gold
  7. I feel like I should be using tokens to upgrade till level 4 since it takes me months to make 3t.
  8. Obviously if you’re smaller his method wouldn’t be very ideal. You should just use tokens to upgrade and gold for land and allies.