Deep Mine

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Would like to see your thought on the new Deep Mine Crestplates?

    Please keep it positive and on topic, but would like to hear you opinions on the matter.

    I personally hope it is used to bridge the gap between players for wars so that most can catch up.
    But curios to see what you guys think. 
  2. Guess new lands are coming
  3. Helpful, but wish it hadn't taken so long to get them.
  4. New lands before the new year I’d imagine
  5. Has anyone bit the bullet and upgraded a DM building from scratch to see how many we need for each level yet?
    Level 1 costs 5 tokens.
    Level 2 costs 15 tokens.
    Level 3 costs 30 tokens.
    Level 4 costs 50 tokens.
    Level 5 costs 100 tokens.
    Level 6 costs 200 tokens.
    Level 7 costs 250 tokens.
    Level 8 costs 500 tokens.
    Level 9 costs 1000 tokens.
    Level 10 costs
  6. 7, 250
    8, 500
    Dunno on 10 yet. Crest plate guide will be updated on Sunday here :)
  7. Lev10 2000
  8. Yes massa i’ll keep spending money on a game that has zero pvp incentive yes massa i like big shiny stats massa
  9. Support, for our massa’s.
  10. Same as last time, lands are coming.
    When they released OR plates, shortly after they released deepmine.
    People that will spend the gold already did. The rest of us don’t spend enough or started banking in allies as it’s cheaper than upgrading and more cost effective. So they release deepmine plates to push more people up to release lands for BC players. Pretty much the ATA year to year formula.
  11. DM plates means new land coming soon. So even though it’s helpful it’s just a reminder that most of us will never BC /negativity
  12. Actually surprised new lands aren’t out already. Black Friday is right around the corner. Without new lands devs wont make there normal Christmas $$$.
  13. Sure they will. New lands don’t have to be out yet. PvP isn’t like it used to be you can sit with 100Q out and not lose it. BC don’t need to sink gold they can just leave it out.
  14. If they have that much gold out in the open there usually is a nice stack of charms as well not too far behind making it possible to do so.
  15. Lvl 10 2000 needed
  16. Wheres Phil when you need him..damm i miss his forum