Declare war on 6 clans and mods

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by *KingKimKong (01), Apr 4, 2015.

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  1. Woifie supports this thread
  2. Op how long did it take you to bc?? Stats are dreamy 
  3. Main ️please

    Also interesting, mmmmm let the show begin.
  4. Statless alt? Of course
  5. Uh-oh you pissed off eagle
  6. He want some publicity so he will release part two 
  7. Eagle that is his main bud  He is talking like Redstar and cella are his main lmao
  8. As incredibly entertaining as this thread is op I'm going to have to inform you that khal and I start the fights in our clan so yeah you're gonna have to kick rocks before you lower the IQ of the whole place. But good luck I think you totally got this lol
  9. This actually made me chuckle
  10. Gonna make the 100 year war look like a day
  11. Have 4 hours to disband :') my "main" clan has enough to strip every clan. Sounds like that clan they tried to be big n tough and got pooped on. Lol I wanna see this guys main clan
  12. I found his is the live feed link

  13. SUPPORT! Haha
  14. Watch out here we have a badass among us.
  15. that is hilarious postman :D
  16. Philosopher needs to make the mother of all threads for this one 
  17. CNN news just reported this guy's big brothers acct...... we will now take you live to the family reunion

  18. Is the OP butthurt? Yup.
    Is the OP annoying? Definitely.
    Is the OP brave? Yes, not to mention an idiot.

    I wish you luck on your quest, OP! Go forth! Be the strongest player in KaW! 
  19. This should be interesting.

    *grabs popcorn*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.