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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Original_Belladonna, Sep 16, 2018.

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  1. Do you make you're thread up as you go along. Should this be Fan-fiction.

    All I see is Fake News! Your pretty Transparently talking them to death....

    Change the Clan name to Talkers 2 Death you weirdo.

    What I find funny is you dragged you're clan into a OSW because of your big mouth. Regardless of how the opp responded you have trolled forums to cause mayhem and its clear for all to read you are not fooling anyone except yourself and your kaw family. You must be so proud of yourself!
  2. I'm baffled... Who did we loose? Can you post names please? We're constantly 98-100 members with people going out for war n stuff. Must be case of removed alt to make a spot for returning perm. Didn't knew moving alt out of clan classifies as loosing a member. More hitting, Bella and less talking. Please also inform your clannies, you're at war and they should at least, from time to time, show the courtesy of returning hits.
  3. Y'all should stop taking the bait.
    Bella wants the attention.

    The minute y'all stop replying at CC and ignore her, she'll stop spamming with her fake stories.
    She's just jobless.

  4. 100% Agree, thats obviously bella motive here for a post V post war.

    Don't get sucked into the pointless thread CC.
  5. Belladonna is such a tryhard wannabe. She pretends to be this hardcore osw veteran and lethal fighter from Kaw's olden days.Yet she refuses to say what her original screen name was. If she has this remarkable legacy as she claims as being a beast & warrior to be reckoned with ( from kaw's golden age). Then how comes she refuses to tell her original screenname and stays shrouded in secrecy.Unless she had to change her screenname to hide from people so needed to try reinvent herself. Most people remember the standout females who had etched a history on kaw as being a badass like intermass-Naimi, Stoirin. Yet belladonna proclaims she is all about osw war threads.Yet very strange only a few stick out writting on the notorious war threads yet you belladonna didnt leave your mark on any of them.Quit your lies
  6. A true legend doesn’t reveal their legacy. ;)

    I mean, for a war thread that hasn’t been seen in ages, it’s pretty good. I am happy with the responses from it. Even though some are derailing, it’s a good thread. I’m so glad you noticed Roni. I haven’t forgotten about you, by the way. :lol:
  7. Only osw runners don't reveal themselves on a new account.Or hiding from some people :- scared.
  8. The only place you are a legend is in your mind.
    Your legacy is whatever dribble you invent on forum.
    Most of what you say about the time you pretend to have spent playing during the early days of KaW is wrong.
    As far as forum trolls go you also have a lot of work to do.
  9. Rip Op is always dtw , no fun skim Troops don’t hard pin 
  10. And this is why I do what I do, because people like you all make it entertaining. I’m DTW because I’ve been hitting CC, sorry Roni. As for my legacy, it will never be known to the KaWmunty because it’s not important. What’s important is now. I started the largest OSW in 2014 that involved over 160 clans. That’s all that needs to be said. If you can’t determine who I am by now, then there is no point in continuing to entertain your irrational craziness. This goes for everyone. If you’ve got a problem with what I do and how I play, say it to me directly, not behind the guise of an alt.

    As for this war, it’s been great, and I’ll continue. This is a war game. That’s all.
  11. I started the largest OSW in 1969 with 1600 clans.
    Ya. It's true because I say so.
  12. Just proved that you are a coward hiding on a alias screenname and cowering instead of being proud of who you were. If you're that said person reap that name and let all see your notorious screenname. You were either banned or a war runner. And i doubt anybody of that caliber would write the stupid threads that you have wrote or be jealous of every female that writes on forums frightened that they will get the spotlight on them and you wont even get noticed in the background. If you aint a coward put up your true screenname. And also put up the tags of where you came from before you got banned or before you got beaten so badly into submission you had to go incognito and completely hide under a new alias screenname and new persona.
  13. More like you were active in the ebs belladonna. That's evident for all to see in the eb results.
  14. False

  15. You’re not involved
  16. It is right domo. If you aint got nothing to hide then it's no issue to say who your old screenname was.Remember when iProphet returned he straight away revealed who he was. And belladonna trying to pretend she is bellémorte lol. Funny i spoke to bellemorte a few months ago in a 3rd party app. So i can easy ask some questions to belladonna to really find out if she is bellémorte or not. Pretending she was the firestarter to make a osw happen with 160 clans. Get your own legacy and stop stealing other peoples history to pretend it is you.She aint Bellemorte, she aint Greenie Kotfe lord, She aint los Malakaki or Jayde of 46 & 2 or Rissa. There aint many more prominent females she could be who held power. Do drop your pretence. If she was last rights she would have returned back there when it re opened.Are you Blazey or Lala? Didn't think so!!
  17. So...what did you do that started this huge war you speak of belladonna?
  18. Belladonna = RedStar. There you go.
  19. Two kinds of people hide their identities. Those who are hiding, and those who arent complete idiots. Sometimes these overlap. But anyone who willingly reveals facts that give the opponent a direct advantage is an idiot.
  20. This won’t last long lol
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